FIRST LOOK: 2019 Titleist T200 & T300 Irons

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Titleist has announced their new 2019 Titleist T200 and T300 irons, adding to the T100 from last week. Their futuristic designs have not gone unnoticed.


mygolfspy says:



Matthew Johnson says:

To many that overlap!!!!!!

Ross Lillebo says:

AP series irons are meh at best and were by far the worst performing iron during my fitting. CB and MB are classic and the new versions of those look stunning. First glance the T100 looks great as well. AP needed a facelift and good on Titleist for pushing forward. My guess is they didn't like how far they had fallen behind in the driver game. After seeing how well TS did and got them back in the game they decided it's time to innovate and lead hopefully. Max Impact will probably just turn out to be a leftover rejected phrase from Taylomade unfortunately…lol. Look forward to trying the CB and T100 when released but doubt they'll unseat my Srixon's. TS3 driver is gonna remain in the bag for a long time though.

Kevin Ormsby says:

T200 is AP3 with a piece missing at the back. If only I could get a set of AP1 4-GW in the UK. Every set I see is 5 -PW and I love my JPX 4 iron.

Hiep Vu says:

One word for Titleist’s new iron designs? LOST… As in lost of ideas, lost of product identity, and ultimately, lost of revenue when their loyalists wait for the pendulum to swing back to a decent, classy design.

Plus2 Golfer says:

The Titleist dick riders already taking over the comments.. THEY LOOK SWEET, AWESOME LOOKING…LMAO AND THEY SAY TAYLORMADE IS GIMMICKY

Plus2 Golfer says:

The only thing Titleist has that's worth a shit are vokeys and Cameron's

Plus2 Golfer says:

These are the best fuckers in golf!!! Love this show

TX Kevin says:

I think they look incredible. I just wish they would go to a finish that does not look beat to hell in a few months.

Raza Khan says:

dont like the whole star trek look . what happened to classic looking mb or cb forged irons, made out of premium japanese steel , the likes of miura or honma or even mizuno…
too many materials too much story to tell dont think all these hot faced irons will have a good effect on the approach play..

Justin Stephenson says:

Maximum impact on your wallet!

T200 fidget spinner!! Classic

DAVID says:

They look sweet

Roger Jin says:

Personally I think they look awesome.

Tom Duckworth says:

Titleist must have somebody new in marketing maybe they came over from TaylorMade. I'm really sorry to say this but they both kind of suck. The 200 is not too bad but get rid of the gimmick badge. I don't like marketing slogans on my golf clubs and the 300
really looks like it came from TMs marketing division not from the engineering division at Titleist.

Johnny Penso says:

They look pretty sharp but my 716 AP1's will perform just the same as any new club of similar design.

T Yang says:

It’s still completely dependent on your…swing.

Max impact on your wallet….

Alan The Golfer says:


Martin Dawson says:

Rogue Ping G crossover

Lefty SoCal Golfer says:

I don’t understand the negativity here towards Titleist?

This company releases new clubs on a 2 year cycle as compared to everyone else who does it yearly.

….And yet, you are trashing them for staggering the announcements?


Also, what’s wrong with a product refresh? Everyone else does it from time to time!

What made Titleist so deserving of your ire for daring to move forward? No one knows for sure what the technology behind these irons is and who each model is aimed at except for the MB & CB.

Yes, The T100 is probably a direct replacement for the AP2. Probably.

But….you don’t know that. No one does, except For Titleist and they aren’t telling, YET.

How about we all calm down and wait and see what this all really means?

Considering Titleist’s history of quality and if not overselling or overexposing their products, like TaylorMade does, I think they deserve, time to roll out their product line before you bash them!

I’m disappointed by this video.

Sorry fellas.

안지환 says:

lost identity … sucks

mos chef says:

Taylormade clones

Bandit Baker says:

Are Titleist trying to out Bull Shit Taylor Made?!

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