Which Is King Of The Blades? TaylorMade P7TW Iron VS Wilson Staff Model Iron

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I compare probably the best two looking forged blade golf irons on the market, Tiger Woods TaylorMade P7TW Iron and the Wilson Staff Model Blade Iron.

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Cesar Ghinaglia says:

Wilson por me.

Zach Wonoski says:

Kind of biased test here. Blades that you game day in and day out versus something else.

King Leopold says:

Willl !!!…… Sooooonnnn !! ?

MAK says:

I was sold on the tw irons but then I saw the price difference and Wilson was the only sane choice.

Ryan says:

That’s what u call army golf shot patterns, left left, left, right, left

Karl Doughty says:

Just got a mixed set Michael 5&6 in the v6 model and 7-pw in the staff model playing off 13 just absolutely love the looks of the staff model blades I’ve kept me xforged in reserve ?

John R says:

Wilson easily. Wiiiiiilllllssssoooooooon!!! (Tom Hanks voice)
Wilson still has more heritage than any of them (despite the mistaken move to cheap sets which they seem to be now abandoning – thankfully). Their irons look better and perform better.

james83925 says:

P7TW not accurate. Also, Woods is not the best ever. Since you ignore the normal yardsticks, Jack 19 majors to 15 and seconds in majors Jack 19 to 7, then you have to go by impressive periods so Tiger is 3rd best ever. Hogan's 1951 accident: told he would not walk again. 1953 Ben played 6 tournament won 5; Masters, US Open at Oakmont (toughest in Rota) and won Open at Carnoustie (tied record Saturday morning, broke record afternoon).

Laurent Schmitt says:

Possible to compare to Miura blades one day?

Laurent Schmitt says:

So difficult to choose between these two !!!

Florian Randes says:

I guess something to note is that the TW irons are more than twice the price of thw Wilsons.

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