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Meandmygolf show how to control the distance on long range putts and improve the chance of holing them

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Youngsun Kim says:

Ive been doing this tech for many years. instinct works.

Stephen Moore says:

Best golf tips on youtube!!

e johnny says:

tried this both long and short putts – worked well – very inconsistent 9 handicapper with 35-40 putts per round 13 of 18 greens in reg unsure on what each putt will do either left or right off the putter face.

Jonathan Reid says:

Gr8 tip guys I'm really struggling with my long putts(and short) so I will definitely give this a go. Thanks

Garrett Smith says:

Serious question. I have that exact putter and is it possible at all to pick the ball up with that putter?

Mark Barrett says:

Where's the m in Taylormade on your caps

Juan du Toit says:

Where is your M in taylormade on your cap??

b757cb1 says:

Tried this technique today and my gosh did it work! I was sinking consecutive 30+' putts. Never has that happened! Thanks guys for another golf lesson that really works!

Harco adventurers says:

You guys should play Bulle Rock Golf Course in Maryland

Andrew chandler says:

good video. however i would like to see a video on striking the ball when it's above or below your feet that's where i have struggled.

Steven Owens says:

you guys are great, from watching your videos over the span of a month or 2 I've dropped my handicap about 10 strokes! keep the videos coming!

John Lishchynsky says:

Wheres challenge tuesday

david Cockcroft says:

Great tip guys. I'll let you know if it helps me. What's with the spelling mistake earlier? "Downloazd" ?

metamurph says:

it teaches you to just swing through the ball, rather than hitting the ball…

ACE King says:

You guys are awesome. I would take lessons from you if I'm in your country.

sco007tty says:

You guys have helped my golf game a ton! I just got some new Taylormade speed blade irons yesterday! Can't wait to get them on the course this afternoon! What do you think of the speed blades?

Jamie Sommer says:

Very interesting, I will have to give it a go. By the way another great video!

Charles says:

Your videos have helped me finally break 100. shot a 99 with my dad over the weekend. Yeah, its nothing to brag about for a 20 year old but I finally got over that hump.

ZFlyer says:

anyone else notice the m missing on the hats

Kaden Berube says:

Hi Meandmygolf, i was topping my drivers a few days ago. I normally drive it about 245. So i analyzed my golf swing and i figured out that right before i hit the ball, i go up on my toes, therefore topping it. Any tips?

streamleazefishhouse says:

If I'm within 3 ft short, left, right anyway from a 40ft putt I'm a happy person 😛

iJxck says:

If I come to the astbury, can we go for a round?

2drsdan says:

I like that, "This Thing". It looks like the starship enterprise with a handle, but who am I to talk. I putt with a 1930's
Burkee blade putter and it says PUTTER right on it. Then I added a super stroke flatso grip for an update. It's killer
on a fast green.

GolferGil says:

Piers, how long is your putter shaft? I use the same grip and have the same putter, however it is a belly. I don't care for it, Thinking of cutting it down.

Thomas Greham says:

I'm having some trouble with my 3 wood I've started topping it a lot recently I'm fine hitting it off the tee but I can't seem to hit it right off the fairway any tips or anything to help me? Thanks and by the way nice video been practising the technique today helped a lot keep it up guys!

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