Titleist USA Trip Vlog 3 – Inside Scotty Cameron's Putter Studio

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►In this third and final vlog from California, we give you an exclusive look inside Scotty Cameron's studio

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Yuri Tarded says:

Jesus christ, could you talk less? We want to watch the facility and see how everything is done with our own eyes. We DO NOT need you describing everything. I had to fast forward everything you had to say, only to find that there is literally less than 10 seconds of actual footage. Your talking IS NOT what we as viewers want to see. What we DO WANT, is to actually see the facility and see everything behind the scenes. You ruined what could have been a moderately entertaining video. Shame on you. Take this as a lesson, This is what everyone wants. Your talking is not the least bit valuable or entertaining to us. Sure, i understand that you need to talk a little, but try to keep it to a MINIMUM. LET US SEE THINGS OURSELVES!!!

Brandon Matthew says:

Jesus, could you shake the camera any more?!

Mitchell Blades says:

such nice putters scotty camerons

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