Five birdies for Tiger Woods in hot front 9 at PGA Championship

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Shingen Fujiwara says:

Go Tiger…..

Rafi Khan says:

I found the remote this weekend.
Whoa Tiger!
What a smile.

David Oconnor says:

Us pga clowns, there is only a handful of people watching this on TV because of your greed.

Jake Toffen says:

Always rooting for tiger.

Bo Toichi says:

Go Tiger. You’re the only reason I’m watching the 2018 PGA

Don A says:

Once again. If only he had a better first or second round.

Bubblesoda says:

Tiger needs to figure out his back 9. His performance at the front 9 have been amazing the whole tournament but the back 9s hold him back from taking the lead. I hope this changes tomorrow and he doesn't choke.

ll-Middle-ll says:

I’d love to see him win one more big one. I was too young to see him in his prime… come on Tiger!

Tim Williams says:

Im sick of tiger shit he will never win a major again

Jeffrey Joseph says:

I feel 12 again watching this comeback. I don't want anything else besides Tiger taking this tomorrow

Alvin Eugene says:

Was it just me analyzing Tiger's game to much or didn't it seem like he miss the 17Th hole from once he was on the green. It seemed like he intentionally blew the chance of a birdie.. Anyone else think the same?

Elmo Blatch says:

It's amazing that Brooks Koepka, who I guess won a major this year, may as well be a guy from the gallery. Nobody gives a fuck about him. Nobody. Brooks' mom doesn't even care. She wants Tiger to win. Tiger is the only reason to watch.

Jordan Lebow says:

The Tiger is on the prowl!!

David Henry and the Mysterons says:

He is back . You have to love tiger.

Samuel Johnson says:

Anyone notice he switch shirts? Lmao

Chris L says:

C'mon Tiger get it goin bud!

Cameron Potts says:

He hit tha ball great… Tha past few weeks love godlike yea ya ya 😀

We’re All That Bored says:

Somebody please tell tiger to leave his driver in the bag and he’ll win. Ok. Thanks.

Cameron Potts says:

Is he Back! 😀

timgraysontv says:

Thank you President Trump for making Tiger Woods great again!

John Lee says:

Lol everyone got mad in chat cause i said rickie flower is garbage and tiger is going to take charge today… guess who's right fuck boys?

Daniel Price says:

Enough is enough about tiger. Tired of hearing tiger tiger

Raij Patel says:

Hell yea Tiger must be smoking that dank stuff, lets goooooo

Cruze Moore says:

Bring it home tiger

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