FLASHBACK: Jack Nicklaus drains miraculous putt at Harbor Shores

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During NBC’s third-round coverage of the 77th Senior PGA Championship, viewers were shown this throwback clip of Jack Nicklaus educating Johnny Miller on how to properly putt the ball on the immaculate 10th green at Harbor Shores.


falcons655 says:

Damn it feels good to be a gangster

773SleepyHollow says:

Even Jack must have been thinking, "Damn, did I really just pull that off?"

James M says:

Jack Nicklaus used to have more class than to act in this manner…..Woods has ruined the entire sport with with his fist pumping and cursing, he even has these asshats dressing like him now.

andybaldman says:

This guy is going to be huge

past the breakers says:

he could hit 100 balls and miss that putt.

John Neal says:

"Show me how to do it." sir I believe he just did

Kilt Xan says:

Man that must have felt good. To be confident and cocky but pull it off has got to be an amazing feeling.

Rick Lewis says:

Give me a break. Basically best golfer of all time, and he's got a horseshoe stuffed up his ass!!!!!

Jade Zee says:


RayPat 7734 says:

I thought it was illegal to take an extra shot or practice shot before the hole is finished

Bruce Benson says:

Look how close he appears to Miller, but then the next camera angle makes it seem like he is 20 yards away… lol… 00:09…. illusion on the green. This putt is too amazing.

Dylan Thompson says:

This YouTube video deserves 10 million views.

1_ Fishin'_ Magician says:


Craig Odem says:

Most of us watching couldn't putt that ball within 40 feet of the hole.

Chris Legit says:

And that’s why Tiger Woods is the greatest of all time.

Ken Getchell says:

I am not a golfer, nor a golf fan. But I watch this and crack up laughing every couple of weeks.

California Living says:

Want me to show you how to putt it

Graham Wiles says:

Hold my beer

Ron Lewis says:

Someone, please hand Jack a Microphone so he can drop it.

Earl Powell says:

Walk up, hit it. Oh yeah!

Carlen Sizemore says:

One of the best, fucking legendary. I grew up with Tiger Woods being my favorite golfer, but I know Jack is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest.

Radford University says:

1 in a million, and he made it look like it was nothing

Nima Scolari says:

One of those "you have to see it to believe it" and even then you're like "nah, that didn't just happen."

Charles W says:

If it wasn't Jack Nickaus, you'd say it was a fluke.

Mack Daddy says:

When you talk the talk then walk the walk….The Master speaks..

z2001lhcjer says:

That's F U C K I N G I N S A N E

Jay Grewe says:

he IS the best ever.

Rudy Garza says:

That was gangster

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