Fred Couples – JC Video Slow Motion Golf Swing

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In this video, you will see two camera angles of Fred Couples. Freddie's swing is unique in a couple of ways. One, he really keeps the club head out in front of the hands as he starts his swing away from the ball. Many people would say he takes the club much straighter back than most players. However, I like to say that it's more upright or a more vertical take away. He still creates a very good shoulder and chest turn to the top of the swing. Because he loads the club to the top this way, he must now redirect his energy to attack the golf ball. He must drop his hands and the club down and back – NOT OVER THE TOP. Notice how the club head remains level with his hands in the transition coming back to the impact position.

In the second camera angle, or the face on view, watch the shift of his lower body. This is a very impressive part of a Tour Players golf swing. They really start the down swing with the lower body, as the hands and wrists remain passive until they are in front of the body. The hands will always pull the grip of the club in front of the ball before the club face strikes the ball with a Tour Player.



Steve Pete says:

Freddie’s attempt at a Jack Nicklaus style upright swing. Which was in
vogue when he was a junior golfer, right? I’m not sure many people could
get the left arm so high above the right shoulder like that and still hit
the ball accurately. Most people do not have that kind of athleticism,
timing and rhythm to get back on plane into impact—matching the vertical
drop of the arms with the horizontal turn of the shoulders and hips. I’m
not sure that his arms are passive on the downswing. His hands are for sure
but he’s probably trying to drop his right elbow down into his side, or
tolling the bell with his right forearm or some other gimmick. Not sure if
the big left hip clearing move is active or if it is just a natural recoil
action of the powerful backswing and dropping the club into the slot (on
plane) prior to impact You would have to ask Freddie what his downswing
trigger feels like. Does he feel like he’s “actively” pulling the arms
down? The arms are the main power generator of the two-plane swing
according to Jim Hardy. Or is his backswing sufficiently steep so that he
does actively just “fire the hips” and the arms and hands are just along
for the ride. My guess is that he has to do some kind of lowering move as
is typical of the upright, two plane swing. Maybe it all just sort of
happens and he’s totally unconscious and natural when he makes a swing. 

Ken Lines says:

The thing that really stands out is how braced his legs are through the
ball after a powerful start to the downswing with his left leg. 

TheJhaley12 says:

where’s Freddy’s “golf posture” that all these so called PGA teachers talk
about? he isn’t bent over, knees flexed etc. most of these teachers have no
idea what they’re talking about, that’s why they’re teaching and not
playing on the tour

Joe Brown says:

omg I tried this swing, and thanks to you I can hit the ball about 30yrds
farther average.

Nino Brown says:

Poetry in motion.

weav8060 says:

whatever the body actually needs. that’s Freddy

golfmaniac007 says:

any touring professional has something that is very consistent. fred
couples swing is not a good example to teach to the masses. the only thing
i can learn off of couples swing is his fluid tempo and relaxed demeanor.
freddies swing is special in that manner and very rare to duplicate.

prrolg says:

One of the most beautiful swings not just in slow motion but in real time.
No one can get the right elbow up in the air and almost behind his body
like that. I think the flexibility to do that creates that inside move of
the hands and arms coming down. I’d have to break my shoulder to do that.

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