Full Round 3 Highlights from 2018 PGA Championship

Watch all the best shots and highlights from Round 3 of the 2018 PGA Championship from Bellerive.

9 thoughts on “Full Round 3 Highlights from 2018 PGA Championship

  1. Ppl need to accept the fact that NOBODY gives a crap about golf unless tiger is playing. Get over it. U hate him so much cause he takes attention away from others but TIGER is the only reason the others are getting more attention. Without tiger, golf isn't even a sport!

  2. I love golf as much as can be…but the P.G.A. is an embarrassment to all of us with it's never ending, self serving, greed to deliver any message at all with wall to wall commercials, so they can make money and pay for the inflated salaries that are rampant in the organization that talks so much about charities and giving. Once again, we also get a tournament that is nothing but birdies and nothing that truly penalizes a poor shot as ALL the tournaments are today. I live to play golf and yet can't watch the PGA or Golf Channel anymore because it's all about making more money than they need and making us watch all commercials instead of the product we respect so much. Terrible whats been done to this game. One more thing run by greedy corporations that are looting this country.

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