Top 5 Game Improvement Irons 2018

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What the very best new Game Improvement irons for 2018? Owen Davies recently put a whole range of new models for 2018 to the test, here is his resulting Top 5 Game Improvement Irons of 2018:


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Brad McCunn says:

Ping, still the king

Mr. mips says:

Bought a used G series 6 iron AWT reg shaft to attack this tough 3 par. It was so good I picked up used 7 & 9 to match. Just bought a new G400 8 iron to fill out the partial set. No one talks about the Nippon shafts, I am really impressed. I also have a set of MP 32, MP 59 and AP2's to compare them with. If you want more birdies these will get you there.

Michael Ackerman says:

I have hit the Rogue and G400 side by side and found the G400 responded better with better feel.

MrZlatanv says:

Great video man! Quick question, I’m a 18-20 handicap and am
Looking at the rouge irons? Would u suggest rouge or rouge x? I am looking to add some distance but I’m wondering if the low loft x irons I will struggle hitting

Captsaison says:

Geez. What is it with Brits and posting golf videos on youtube? I've lost count of the number of golf videos posted by Brits on youtube these past few years. Their right of course. But is there something in the water over there?

Jay Birdo says:

Lots of great clubs available. I chose the AP1, but got a close-out on the 716 series, they're nice.

Jon Doe says:

They need to change the name of these irons to "improves game for you" irons, or "game hurting" irons. If you want to be a better golfer, why would you want a club that rewards horrible swings? Every golfer serious about improving should get muscleback blades.

ticleve2 says:

Owen, how does the offset on the Taylormade MCGB compare to the offset on the Callaway Rogue X. Is it more or less. I'm using the Callaway now and I have a tendency to hit the ball a little chunky. I'm thinking it might be the maximum offset.

Dave Wilkins says:

Did you check the Cobra F Max?

Lionel Turgeon says:

No love for Cleveland? Curious if you compared the CBX's? Seen you did a review on the CBX wedges, but could not see one on the irons.
Good video regardless!

Sam Sweat says:

Thank you – very informative video!

Dark Voyager says:

Have a ? I currently play jpx900 forged. Should I look a g400 irons

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