GAME GOLF Worsley Park Part 1/3

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Game Golf Digital Tracking Device
Peter Finch:

Game Golf :

Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre and Peter Finch test the latest GAME GOLF digital tracking device at Worsley Park Marriott, Manchester UK. What how Rick and Pete navigate around this tough course whilst using a new piece of techn



Will Charter says:

Hi Rick! What was the outcome with the Game Golf? Looking to order one to
help with game improvement. Would be interested in your thoughts… Thanks!

Stephane Gauthier says:

GPS resolution is not that good so I wouldn’t bother with the putting tags.
I find SwingbySwing’s App a much better buy as it uses an existing phone
and NFC tags to do the same. The advantage is that you get a screen which
permits you to enter your stats,putts, GIR, etc… and gets you distance
measurements… Cheap too. I’m not associated with them but been it changed
my game.

Jammie-Buffalo Gaming says:

Rick I’m 13 and from Inverness but was down in Manchester went to Trafford
golf centre but u were not there but then one day aware I saw u at
MacDonald’s Prestwich it was about two weeks ago . please reply. Love ur

Johan Klarin says:

Game golf looks impressive, cheers

P-M Meiners says:

Interesting to see what GG will add to your rounds. I’m sure it’s
interesting in the beginning but will it stay interesting after a couple of
months. Will it give you more knowledge about your own game than you
already know yourself?
Thanks for testing this out for us and channel it the way you do guys!!! 

James Littler says:

Quality stuff. Keeping my fingers crossed you (Rick) can pull it back and
get at least a draw. No favouritism or anything, but a win would do you
the world of good. And anyway, even if your game is going through a rough
patch and you’re currently getting absolutely spanked by every man and his
dog, you’re still a great human being. Peace.

MrShanghai34 says:

you used your hybrid on the second hole of comp…. what if you tapped for
the hybrid and then decided to use your driver? Do you correct it on the
website? I like the idea of the game golf, but I too need to do more
research on it.

André Fröjd says:

How precise is it? Would you recommend it for a golfer who takes the game
really serious and wants to improve their game? +Rick Shiels PGA 

Diego Diaz says:

327 yrds and you didn’t hit it Mr Finch ? some swing Sir !!

Rick Shiels PGA says:

GAME GOLF Worsley Park Part 1/3
With @PFGolfPro @GameYourGame @WorsleyPark


Funny to see Peter lift his sweater every time he tags…pretty sure he
doesn’t need to do that. Great video as usual.

JAG sixtyfive says:

Sorry to be off subject, but looking forward to that Adams Dhy review!

Mabs_GOLF says:

Great Vlog, really interested in GameGolf so great insight. Nice work Rick
& Pete.

Sam Lutzke says:

Love your vids

tigerbalm says:

101 yds, I’d use a GW/SW and not half swing it. You’ll never hit accurate
using half swings unless to practice that swing. Full swing you at least
know the flight and spin . Why take half swings? To many things go
wrong. I rather hit 10 feet over pin and spin back than being short front

leandrogutierres says:

Great swings from both of you guys. Good looking coarse. Congrats on the
video. Easy to watch… it seems I’m playing along.

Christopher Arnold says:

Have not watched the video yet but looked at it on Game Golf Android app
after following you. My mother always said after a bad shot and
recovery…you don’t have to draw pictures….now Game Golf draws the
picture. Just looking at the 2 rounds Finchy looked more consistent. Would
that be a good summary?

JCRocksteady says:

Does the curved line on the image feedback actually represent your shot (
2:56) or is that just a standard arc used to show shots? Hopefully the
latter, otherwise you hooked your tee shot back from outside of the course
on that first tee Rick!!

Martin Moore says:

Nice to be able to see your distances. Always wondered how far you guys are
going with your drivers. Does the tagging work if your sensors are
underneath your clothes? Saves having them on show.

Go Hawks says:

how does it know what golf course? like say im just at some local par 3
course how would that work?

sblmnlpsycho says:

Great video as always. Really liked the cut-in edits with the game golf
data. Gives a great visual representation of where/how you hit your shots.
If you continue to use the tracker, please continue to edit in the data.

scotty195823 says:

I have watched a fairly in depth tutorial on the Game Golf device. When it
comes to putting the device only records the number of putts and ignores
the distance. 

Corey Meverden says:

Awesome presentation…. Thanks for taking the time to edit the video and
show is real time what the game golf can do! Keep up the great vids you

VibekillsU says:

Rick I think the game golf is more to calculate the number of putts you
have per round rather than the distance of putt

Strat TelePaul says:

Yet another new putter Rick? I am still bagging my Spider mallet. Found
nothing better. Also, your first shot with the G30 showed as 246 yards, 3
wood in the video.

Sire Olmstead says:

You guys are pretty funny, I can’t lie lol 

tigerbalm says:

Ping Rapture D.I.! I think it’s a smart club to have in the bag. The feel
is great, like to know what you guys think. Then again, please compare
D.I. with Titleist and Callaway driving irons…

SuperJupiter33 says:

pete 327 drive … that swing( wow) let me know when you hit the states.

Chiu jui chi says:

Just one question ! What are u two wearing for shoes ? love your videos,
great game :)

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