Golf Alignment Myth | Why Your Feet Lie

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Are you confused about your golf alignment? Do you stress about your foot stance and how it may affect your swing? Well, in this golf alignment myth why your feet lie we cover how you can actually still really hit a good ball. With a more open stance or slightly closed stance these tips will allow you to work with any stance. These tips focus on how to start controlling your golf swing and be able to force a draw or a fade with any stance! Let's get started!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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MrZocor says:

HIs actual swing doesn't show the club shallowing out at all.

Mr.Mohy says:

One thing is for sure, there's no perfect grip, posture, or swing etc because everyone have different body type.

Cameron loggenberg says:

Just watched the video and it has really helped me understand club head/face to path so much more. Brilliant and simple explanation. Cheers guys. Keep up the great work.

RobinJohnsson1000 says:

Such a bullshit video, sorry but it's true. Your feet does not lie, you manipulate the club to make your feet lie. I can make my feet point 90 yards to the left of the target and still make the ball go more right than 90 yards because of club manipulation. Just because you have an open stance does not mean you will swing out-to-in a.k.a make the ball land to the right, same thing with aiming to the right for an in-to-out path to make the ball land to the left cause of a draw. You decided you wanted to swing for a draw/fade to make the ball land were you wanted HOWEVER if you actually swung of the lines of your feet you wouldn't get any spin to it a.k.a out-in, in-out so the feet does not lie – your body lied. Get your facts right.

69cookieboy1 says:

hmmmm….all your doing is re-positioning your feet. your shoulder and hips are mainly square. not sure what your point Is?

Santiago De Ponce says:

Clay you do great lessons!

Adam Michelin says:

what are you using on your ipad to track your shots?

Douglas Ladd says:

this is eye opening. really need to work on shallowing out my swing. feel like it's hard to recreate at full speed. still end up over the top.

Al McQueen says:

At the 5:45 mark you mention the feet are aimed to the right, but your shoulders were aimed left and that is where your ball went. The shoulders alignment I have been told through the years dictate direction better than feet alignment. My teacher would always lay a club across my shoulders at address. I had a tenacity to aim left when I would address ball then reach under with my right hand to grip club and that move opened my shoulder. He demonstrated to me why the feet mattered lest by putting his right foot behind his left foot and hit the ball right on his shoulder line.

ukniko says:

Blah blah blah ,what's your point

jimbev4 says:

Do you need special balls to use this app?

Bob A Booey says:

230 carry, 280 distance? I really doubt that first ball rolled 50 yards.

SaintsCheat says:

too bad we can't use a tee on the fairway lol but concept is well taken

David Musall says:

I understand what you are saying and I don't disagree with this concept. In the video you lined up with feet to right and stated your shoulders were also aimed right. Unless the video angle fooled me, your shoulders were actually square to where your intended target was. Aren't the shoulders the most important part of the body to align correctly?

Arvind Das says:

On your bag it says clay ballard the lag dictor ! Your lessons and tips are very nice and practical! It breaks the classic myths! About the golf equipment it was a wonderful topic you spoke on tech doesnt change for a few years even if it does the cor is restricted. Well i buy the equipment which could be a few tears old tech but if course new! I couldnt have agreed more only a few products from few branded manufacturers stand out ! And anazing part is its either made in china or mexico maybe assembled in china, mexico or rarely usa.

J K says:

???the bow help me shallow up my shaft on downswing

Alex howarth says:

great video. interesting and well presented

Joel Caulfiled says:

Not really for the someone learning the basics. About 3 minutes in it was blah blah blah.
If your learning the swing try free and easy swing or simple swing in your search.

Jakevaliton says:

What app is this and can i get it on iphone 5s

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