Golf Basics for Beginners

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Sotc Raven says:

Was looking for a video on golf for beginners instead i got a 10 minute
infomercial on golf apparel.DONT NEED HELP WITH BLING NEED HELP WITH MY
SWING.two thumbs down

Vikturus2k6 says:

I love how many new and some old golfers don’t even understand the
“unofficial rules of golf”.

Example, I was at the course yesterday. I was waiting for a group in front
of me to get to off the green (par 4). Two younger guys (appox 18) who were
behind me, skipping holes all over the place, were impatient and said for
me to hurry up. I drive 280’s and on a good drive 300’s. The people in
front of me were just getting onto the green. I know with my drive I “can”
put it on the green, I cut the tree line. I continued to wait, they became
noisy. Once they people were off the green I went to tee off just to hear
“finally”. Annoyed, I starred at them until they shut up. I tee off, all I
hear is, “OMG, HOLY SHIT” then they proceed to ask me questions about how I
do it… They didn’t tee off, they followed me to the green, not talking
till I was finished, but wanted me to show them how to drive far… I’m for
helping someone out in general, golf included if I can. But when you are
that arrogant and act like an idiot, how do you honestly expect me to want
to help you? Same kids I found about 5-6 holes later doing doughnuts in the
fairway, I was very very tempted to tee off at them. VERY. Luckily someone
else saw that, and they were removed promptly.

Sorry for this semi rant, I just felt the need to say that respect is VERY
much part of golf. Not a game for assholes who want to ruin it for the rest
of us.

Tom Perri says:

This guy looks like Biff from Back to the Future. 

Frank Chambers says:

Awesome, thank you

archiecat11 says:

What a load of time wasting bollocks

PurelyScientific says:

@Lucy Huang I suppose it’s difficult for you to imagine that a man who has
been teaching golf for over a decade may have only related the most common
scenarios that he has seen in his line of work. I am not defending the
guy, but this video is about golf and I came here to learn golf. I want to
read comments about golf. Not every comment about a husband and wife is an
affront to women’s lib. Please discard your bias before attempting to
judge a man you don’t even know.

Dav Lyo says:

I’m kind of interested in golf, but I don’t want to have to dress like an
asshole. Is dressing like an asshole a rule or a preference? Help!

Prettygirlsstaycool says:

Thanks my dad got me into golf

David Harris says:

good advice. thanks

Rafael Larios says:

10 min commercial for golftec

David Graham says:

What an idiot I just wanted to learn to swing and this moron went on a ten
minute rant about shoe and shirts so mad right now

Benjamin Ballhorn says:

10 min video of selling shit, waste.

Stephen Boerner says:

Beginners absolutely do not need to get fitted for clubs. 

Daniel Burke says:

Ten minutes of my life I won’t get back. Only thing I learnt was don’t be
affraid to spend a few bucks on EVERYTHING. Just a long, drawn out
commercial for Golf Tec. 

Whatastic says:

Get some wood

Valley International Country Club says:

Golf tip of the day!

gswdaniel says:

This guy talks some much shit… Let professional help u… Yes you sound
like a recording… A very annoying one…

Deep Nagpal says:

Wasted 10 minutes of my life. 

Tom Austen says:

Most important thing when playing golf? style baby! getcha self some o dem
nice golf shoes and you pimpin!

Graal Warriors says:

Lol ur miming

Roy Martin says:

nice :

David James says:

nice share

Kanifuker says:

I like Adidas, fuck knows what brand Adeedaz is. Typical Yanks that can’t
spell or pronounce words properly. Stupid video.

Rod Fierbach says:

nice :)

Cún Già says:

talk too much. It’s useless and boring

Lucy Huang says:

“…you’re the wife of an avid golfer getting into the game…”
Are you kidding me? Is it that difficult for you to imagine, god forbid, a
woman playing “a man’s sport”? Or that women are incapable of being avid
golfers or discovering it themselves and have to follow their husbands into
the game? Please discard your bias before you attempt to teach me anything
about this sport. Thanks. 

Idea says:

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then it’s time to switch to a new sport. Watch this, only on Idea Super

v2ne1789 says:

I love how he says to dress nice..


lol, on the shooter Mcgaving comment

WilberTheWorm says:

I eat shit like you for breakfast. You eat shit for breakfast! Bahahaha

creezin says:

Shooter McGavin in his PRIME ^^^^^^^^

Jordan Bookhart says:

This guy reminds me of Shooter Mcgavin sooooooo much

Daniel Kolajo says:

Yeah, all he talk about is what to buy or what to show up with not a
training that it suppose. Next time please call this kind of training a
check list. Not helpful for at all.

Kumar Anand says:

Guy just yaps for 10 minutes… did not talk about even one basic game
rule…. beginners need to know play rules and not custom clubs to begin

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