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Want to hit the ball more consistently in the centre of the clubface? Shawn explains how in a simple and easy to understand way, giving you the keys to flush shots!

46 thoughts on “PREDICT CONTACT EVERY TIME! -Wisdom in Golf

  1. I keep coming back to this video. I now have your grip and set up. It took
    six months to understand it. But the big thing is cutting grass. That
    improves the swing beyond anything. The ball is a blur. Transforms your
    momentum forward towards target. One question? I understand ball then
    grass, but then you dig some dirt at the end of the divot. Is that right? I
    think shaving the grass may be enough and then up to target?

  2. Can you name your video something more realistic. I mean come on, Perfect
    contact everytime…Try Ben Hogan. I’m sure you video doesn’t turn people
    into Ben Hogan

  3. I sometimes go to one of your competitors on youtube and he uses a palm
    grip on left hand and finger grip on the right, Hogan like on right to
    subdue the right overpowering the swing (side spins hooks and pushes etc.
    That works for me. But your set up with the slight weight on front foot at
    address flat out brings the big swing together with lots of power. I
    dropped 10 strokes with that set up.

  4. Shawn, I came home after a round last week where I hit almost every iron,
    except the short ones, on the toe. I was so frustrated I went to the
    internet for help. Well, there was plenty of tips for toe hits, but on one
    of the side links, there was an article about the best driver tip ever. It
    was you explaining how to start with your feet together, then flaring the
    lead foot and then dropping the back foot back. However, when I went back
    to review it, I couldn’t find it. Could you direct me to that video?

  5. Thank you so much, Shawn! It helped me to focus on my mistakes, and i could
    improve not only my swing, but also my confidence with my body, finding a
    new balance..great!!

  6. Great video! Always struggled with hitting my irons flush. Went from 150
    yard 7 iron to consistent 165 yard 7 iron; also dispersion is at least 50%

    End result 15 – 8 handicap in 2 months.

  7. Great lesson as usual. The SloMo videopart isn’t really clear though – your
    camera isn’t right for that kind of shots. Also, the Youtube-popup for the
    ad is blocking the view on your ballposition a lot – perhaps next video
    take that into account ? Gonna practice ‘flushing’ the ball right now 😉

  8. Shawn, It looks like your setup is on an uphill lie which for me would make
    it easy to take a divot because of the body tilt to the left. On an even
    lie I find it difficult to tilt left and still maintain a smooth swing that
    comes down in the same place every time.

  9. My golf pro gave me some good advise I want to share, how to save 8 strokes
    a round, she said that I should skip one par 3 hole, and it to works!

  10. Hey Shawn, this drill, together with the rip the driver drill has shaved 10
    shots off my handicap. Broke 80 for the first time! Thanks! Once I can get
    the pace of greens and improve my putting, I will die a happy man.

  11. Shawn, I have found a common swing flaw that can lead to hooks is the
    contact between the two hands coming apart at the top of the swing.
    Something I try to concentrate on is making sure my left thumb(right handed
    golfer) stays in contact with the pad of the right hand.

  12. As usual. Excellent instruction Shawn. I have a question about club swing
    weight… Does it make sense that a club with greater swing weight will
    enhance the feeling of gravity. Club makers are constantly designing
    drivers that are lighter and lighter in an effort to create more swing
    speed. At some point the weight of the club will “disappear” and
    consequently the effect gravity will have upon the club. Right?

  13. Excellent, excellent video. That explains why I topped two wood shots off
    the fairway yesterday. With my irons I brace on my left side much better
    and man did I hit some beautiful shots unto the greens yesterday. I’ll have
    to keep the brace on the left side in my mind for my woods for flush
    contact. Thanks for that tidbit Shawn, God bless you and your family 🙂

  14. I appreciate this video, in fact I watch alot of your videos. I play on
    hardpan, south Oklahoma & north Texas. I hit alot fat or top them. picking
    it clean is frustrating. When I do hit my irons flush I tend to slice. not
    a grip problem, I hit my driver pretty good. I setup much like your video
    with forward press and forward lean, can you offer more on this subject

  15. Shawn, A few years ago I tried Bobby Clement’s Impact Zone concepts on my
    game. Hit some solid shots with his forward aim point idea, but couldn’t
    adopt as I’ve always been a picker of the golf ball and love approaching
    the darn thin on a tee versus off of terra firma! How does your thinking
    relate to his ideas.

  16. Sounds like you need a stronger grip or you are not anchoring the swing
    enough; See “weak grip or strong grip shawn clement” and “anchor your swing
    shawn clement”

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