GOLF: Four Simple Drills For The Perfect Backswing

Four Simple Drills For The Perfect Backswing

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The first drill in this video focuses on part number one to the perfect backswing which is the motion from setup position. What you do for the first couple of feet of your backswing during the takeaway has a lot to do with what's going to happen in the rest of the swing.

The hands work straight back and the clubhead gets to even with – or just outside – the hands at first parallel. I also like to see the club face not quite toe up, not 45 degrees down, but tilted down.

The next drill works the second part of the backswing that's critical for a perfect backswing and that is where the club gets to at left arm parallel. At this spot I’m looking for two things. I want the hands to be about in-line with the right pec or right bicep. I also want to look at where the shaft is that in space.

The next checkpoint for us is the top of the backswing. There are several things at the top of the backswing that are very important, but the one part I want to focus on with this drill is the wrist conditions. We just use a plastic hanger on the side of the club to train this in. I place the hanger on the side of the club on my left wrist. When I work up to the top, if I do my wrist conditions as well, you'll see the hanger stays on my left wrist.

The last part and the last drill has to do with how your body works. I'm really looking at two main pieces here. How much do you turn and how much do you tilt? All I'm looking for is when you get up to the top, you have a big full term, which is 90 degrees with your shoulders. But really this drill is based around how much left side bend you have. Which means when I make a backswing, I don't just turn perfectly flat. I need to turn with my shoulders on an angle.

If I could build a golf swing, I would start with the golfer and train the takeaway until they got it. Once they got the takeaway, I'd go to left arm parallel and stay there until they got it. Once they got that, I would do the hanger exercise at the top until they got it and then I'd do shoulder tilt. I would do those in that order.


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13 thoughts on “GOLF: Four Simple Drills For The Perfect Backswing

  1. As usual, great video Eric! Hopefully you will do one for the downswing as well? I've watched all of your videos and this one is by far my favorite. I enjoyed the way you broke it down in steps and gave drills to go with it! Thanks for all of your help!

  2. Eric
    Can you loose the the audio highlight when the text appears on the screen?
    To me it's a little annoying and seems to cheapen up the videos.

  3. Mr. Eric, I have been golfing since high school. Golf has kept me sane after my time in the Army, but after taking an absurd amount of lessons from Golftec, I'm worse off then I was before. I love the game and play every moment that I can. I'm a 5 hcp and I'm trying to get down to scratch. Do you do distance learning lessons, because you're a great instructor and I'd love for you to help me with my game!

  4. How do you get the club up to the L shape at Left Arm Parallel? i.e. momentum?, wrist hinge with hands?, or push down on butt with left hand to raise toe up?

  5. As per usual, big bad ballin ass Eric C da mf'n Golf Pimp and his trusty side kick sweet sweet Mary get it crackin wit da, How Tuh Do's … Good lookin out pimp … Will give deez movez a shot dis afternoon ⛳?

  6. very nice drills! I've heard a good feel in the backswing is getting your left shoulder (right handed golfer) over your right foot. what do you think about that?

  7. Eric, thanks for the clearest explanations of the golf swing on YouTube. You are able to articulate “feel” which is difficult to do. I am committed to improving this year despite being an old dog. Can you tell me how low you keep your hands at set-up? I seem to have a better take away and path by keeping my hands very low which only may mean I am bending more than I once did. The club “feels” flatter and better positioned. Do you “feel” you are slightly pushing down the club flat at set-up? I hope this was reasonably clear. Thanks

  8. Great video Eric. Any problems I have with my back swing usually come from snatching the club away in the takeaway. I'll be trying that first movement next time I'm at the range.

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