Golf Gear – TaylorMade M3 & M4 First Look!

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Golf Gear – TaylorMade M3 & M4 First Look! by PuttsAround

In today Golf Gear, David discusses the TaylorMade M3 & M4 driver that were just shown for the first time this week.. He shares what information has been collected through reps, sites, and forums and presents the most up to date information about the the TaylorMade M3 and TaylorMade M4 drivers.


If you have something you want us to review, let us know! If you have something for us to review, let us know!

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Kyle Everhart says:

Definitely, want to try the M4 with the smaller head compared to my 16 M2.

Gianmarco Balsamo says:

M4 tempting. M3…no

Isaac Brown says:

Thoughts on callaway Apex pro irons from 2013?

Jason Little says:

I don’t like neigh saying on videos as it’s just rude most of the time but the MC Hammer thing was annoying the first time let alone the tenth….

Mike B says:

Save your money. Buy a Bombtech Grenade driver for $297 and get a free 3 wood. Just sayin'….

Mike B says:

M1is such a dog they can't even repeat the name. Have to go to M3/4 instead of M1/2. But let's look at the M3. Split the weights? Get more control or reduce spin? Create draw/fade bias? Where have I seen this before……..Oh Yeah! The R15!!! eyeroll

Shayne DeWitt says:

I would rather use a hickory club than any of those ?

Rick M says:

Thanks for getting back to me as 70 year old golfer looking for the best options here in Tennessee to improve.

SuperFassst says:

Cant wait for the BMW lawsuit

Rick M says:

Just found you site enjoyed the information on Taylor and Callaway. What is coming out on game improvement for the mid to high player.

MrAlk1972 says:

Just wait for BMW to sue for copyright infridgement. Red and Blue M is too close to BMW

Mitch 1977 says:

Just get a Titleist driver, & keep hittin it past these tin cans. It works, I guarantee it

James Harrison says:

Look hideous and are we really still falling for this sliding weight crap.

Brad Morris says:

Poor Mizuno. 🙁 More Soph and Friends please. Love it when LET takes on the muppets. I can relate to their yardages, just not their accuracy. 🙂

Dustin says:

Just happened to come to this channel and I am pleasently surprised. Sir you are entertaining and knowledgeable and if you would like to unload one of your many staff bags (Cobra) let me know. Good stuff.

John Mitrok says:

Awesome love evnroll

Matt Donovan says:

I’m more interested in the 3 woods, the last 2 standard M2 3 Woods are too upright for my swing. Keep up the great videos and “air quotes” haha

oaklandpaving says:

Guess these new m3 m4 going to allow us all to drive the ball another 20 yds ?

danthemanwhocancan says:

You know your onions! Good man!


you are nxt level obnoxious

Lane Hooper says:

First generation M2 is the best

Jordan Bovalina says:

Mate this is one of the best golf club vids ever. funny and informative. have been a long sub of rick shield, Peter finches channels but after watching this vid I will be subbing to ur channel aswell. : )

23pbkallday says:

Forgot to talk about the face tech

Joseph Flaherty says:

If your claiming that M. O. I. (Moment Of Inertia) is equivalent to Forgiveness you should at least explain how.

Jerry Thai says:

Don't believe the hype! Save your $$$.

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