GOLF: How To Swing The Club Like Tommy Fleetwood – Right Hip

How To Swing The Club Like Tommy Fleetwood – Right Hip

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Right now, Tommy Fleetwood has one of the hottest swings on the PGA Tour. In this video I’m showing you specifically what he does with his right hip in his golf swing and how it lends to rotation. I’m also giving you some feels and checkpoints to help you incorporate the same moves into your own swing.

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8 thoughts on “GOLF: How To Swing The Club Like Tommy Fleetwood – Right Hip

  1. Awsome! I have been waiting for you to show us his swing. He's awesome! Thank you for doing that!

    It would be awesome to see Rory next. He's strong but not a big tall guy like some of the other long hitters on tour so it would be cool to see what he is doing to keep up.

  2. Hey Eric, could you describe how the right hip moves in space in relation to the ball line? In the backswing rotation moves it away from the ball line (back), but where does it move relative to the ball line in the downswing?

  3. i notice his knees move laterally as one piece. there is not that separation or widening as he starts forward. kind of uncommon with the more modern swings we see

  4. A couple observations: First, the small space from his right hip starting position to the top of his backswing isn't a move left as much as a result of rotating his right hip back, loading up his right side, but NOT swaying to the outside of his right foot and keeping his weight on the inside of his right foot. Then, at impact, his hips have already cleared (rotated) BEFORE impact. So it's not so much an intentional move posting up over the left foot, but that posting up is a result of this rotation which already finished by impact. Lastly, you put a circle on his head at first, but look how much his head drops down on the downswing. Wow! ?

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