Golf Impact: How to Square the Clubface Consistently

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In this video I explain the correct golf impact and how to square the club face. This is one of the toughest things in golf for people to do although it is a very simple cure. The explanation of this is very easy for anyone to understand. I will also show you some golf impact drills that will give you instant feedback as to if you are doing it correctly. This is one of the most important lessons in golf and will definitely make you a better player.

Most people that play golf are always trying to square the clubface. This is so tough to do and not many players are hitting the ball square or hitting their shots off line. If you do not hit the ball square then your shots are never consistent. So if you want to play your best golf you need to learn how to get to the best golf impact position.

Most people try to make this a very complicated thing, with using tools such as the golf impact bags, while in fact it is quite simple. All you have to do at about 2 feet after contact with irons or 3 feet after contact with woods stretch both arms out as far as they can go. If you start with both arms fully extended and then return them to the same position just after impact you will return the clubface to a square position.

The best drill to do to feel this position is to hit shots and extended both arms after you hit the ball. This will produce the feeling of your arms stretching out. By getting your arms to stretch out this makes your golf sing also very consistent. Your arms are only so long so you will make the same arc on your swing every time.

Squaring the clubface will make the game more enjoyable. Hitting the ball straighter and longer will definitely improve your current game. Of all the students that I have taught, this helps them hit the ball straight. From now on you never have to think about golf impact but actually after contact to hit the ball well.

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37 thoughts on “Golf Impact: How to Square the Clubface Consistently

  1. blew… my… mind!
    Thanks Paul. Between you and David Leadbetter, you guys have really
    improved my game from 18 HCP to 11. Huge respect mate! Thanks

  2. Thanks a lot Paul !
    By Just watching Your Videos, my score improved by at least 5 strokes ! (
    I watched all your videos only once, and applied it to my swing)
    And I know it will be even better as more time goes by !
    You are the Best teacher I have Seen !
    You Rock man !
    Thanks A lot !

  3. I don’t understand. if I’m square two feet past the ball, then how can I be
    square at impact, too. wouldn’t the club be open at impact? the club
    wouldn’t fully be released at impact yet, right?

  4. Hi Paul. Just want to say that this was a ‘lightbulb’ moment for me.
    Finally I get it. Went to the range after watching this and hit a bucket of
    balls – (all easy short pitch shots) and I can’t believe how effortless it
    was. Slowly working it up to speed with the longer clubs. Thanks!

  5. Wow, I cannot thank you enough. Went to the range today, and I discovered
    my wrists were tight and watching your coiling and uncoiling video, I could
    tell the difference in the distance and accuracy, and the times I did
    replicate my “old” slice I knew right away I either had stiff arms or
    wrists. I can’t say thanks enough!

  6. This is interesting. .it’s Another approach of playing golf, it is very
    different from other videos golf training videos, I’m gonna give this a
    try, but I think I would start all over again if I try to do this golf
    style and technique and even the hip motion are different, I hope this
    style works for me so I would be playing golf with less effort and more
    consistent if I do it right!!

  7. Never ever do this. Now you can see why this will never work. Just a few
    degrees open or closed and you will hit the ball everywhere. Let it go and
    it will square consistently.

  8. Paul I leant a lot from watching your teachings. I need a few exercise to
    learn how to hit the ball with taking divot in front of the ball. Thanks

  9. You are coiling the shoulders in the backswing. You are uncoiling the lower
    body in the downswing. This creates the spring-like effect. This is also
    based on torque so it will repeat consistently. These tips are definitely
    on my Ignition Golf website. You can check my Ignition Golf Tips Channel
    too. They may be on there.

  10. Thank you for your wonderful teaching! I am trying everything you suggest.
    My misses are usually toward the heel. Not sure if it is from getting on my
    toes or some other reason. (I have never been fit for clubs) 14 handicap

  11. Great video i have been trying to hold the wrist angle and have really
    struggled with consistence thanks i have some food for thought and some
    drills to practice

  12. You already do a one-piece action when you putt. When you do you are not
    all tight. So do some putting strokes then stretch your arms out imagining
    you have a 7 iron in your hand. If you do you will will do the perfect
    one-piece takeaway.

  13. Seen this video several times….. and it just clicked. I used this drill
    before but was able to connect the dots a little better this time and
    driver/irons were much straighter. This drill however seems to bring back
    my baseball balance on the back foot a little more though. I seem to be
    thinking about clearing space to release in front but for some reason
    revert to falling back a bit. How do I combine both moves better??
    Appreciate your work, thx.

  14. The club is open to your body but square to the path. It is open to your
    body because your body is open when you hit the ball. The club is making an
    arc at impact so the face is square to this arc.

  15. Paul, I really like the simple way you describe the swing. I do have a
    question, though. You say the club face will be square to the target when
    club is released, which is 2 feet after you hit the golf ball. But it needs
    to be square at the point of impact. Won’t it be closed at the point of
    impact if it is square 2 feet after the point of impact?

  16. This occurs due to having he right fundamentals. Using the lower body to
    power the swing tilts the upper body back in the downswing. Couple this
    with the arms fully extending and you get a divot. Buckle the arms or raise
    up and you will not get a divot. So loosen your arms and work on power the
    swing with your legs and hips. You’ll see.

  17. Holding the wrist angle can be a killer because you will tighten the
    wrists. This will not allow you to hit the widest point of the arc (release
    point). Using physics you need to have the mass swing to the widest point.

  18. Paul. How do you do a one piece take away and do this loose wrist cock
    movement at the same time. I tried it and they don’t seem to go together.
    The one piece take away seems to add a lot of tension. Thanks. Ralph

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