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Brisbane Golf Course Reviewer says:

Mate. It does look amazing on camera. Guys, enjoy what is one of the
visually stunning track in Australia

Diego Diaz says:

Sun never shines, over taxed, our courses are

Strat TelePaul says:

Looks like some of the courses we have in east Texas.

BTW, Alan should join up with Mark Crossfield. Their combined tagline could
be “Let’s get stuck in a crack”.

Stephen Butler says:

Ready for Augusta after watching the first 2 parts, Brookwater looks like
an incredible course! +Rick Shiels PGA +Brisbane Golf Course Reviewer 

Mububban23 says:

“How’s the serenity” hahaha, so Oz :-)

P-M Meiners says:

Unreal!!! What a nice looking course. Wow… And not an easy course as
well. Good stuff, thanks. 

liam f says:

Rick i think these Ozzie course Vlogs are better than Pro Competition golf
coverage on TV. Great courses played with top Ozzie lads.
The filming is such a good quality, i can almost smell fragrance of the
Eucalyptus trees 

David Goodland says:

Great to see Brisbane on your channel. Excellent course. Looking forward to
part 2.

Sam Durward says:

not as good at Royal Queensland but ya know not bad ;)

Rick Shiels PGA says:

PART 1 – BROOKWATER GOLF & COUNRTY CLUB with @brisgolfreview @Alanstaines

Well worth a watch, believe me! 

Zack Kubik says:

Do whats in the bags with these guys please?!?!

Eric D says:

These courses! Each seems better than the last. Alan is probably deadly in
money games, all that self deprecation kind of lulling you into thinking
you’ve got him, meanwhile he’s pure stick. 

Michael Ruppel says:

god lord what a course

ajmobeel says:

Why did Rick not take his own clubs to Aus ?

Kevin Haigh says:

This course is 20 mins from me! Yet to play it but walked it last qld open.
Very hilly and tight but gorgeous. Thanks for the video and happy holidays.
Bne is hot hey?

Gary dacre says:

What a course, looks great on camera, probably better in person.

Some of those tee shots look a bit scary!

Vlaid65 says:

Check out the Murwillumbah Golf Club course – 60 mins south of Brisbane.
You want carpeted fairways, now’s the time to visit. 

Stephane Gauthier says:

Course looked simply amazing. Pretty Cool dude too.

Luke Bishop says:

Rick your videos have become so great

Google-is-a-pain says:

How picturesque is this course! And plenty of good banter between you two
as well. Looking forward to the next part. Thanks for the vlog.

a GamePlaya says:

That course looks bloody amazing. Woow

MrShanghai34 says:

Wow! That’s a nice looking course. Our fairways are just barely starting to
green up. Fantastic vlog too

Tiger Scott says:

Queenslands best course for the last ten years very nice

simon george says:

Another great vlog by rick very nice course keep them coming

jscott811 says:

Alan sounds like good crack, gonna check his YouTube out right know. Ps,
Come on Rick!!! we need a win. Don’t let the Aussies win them all. Lol

pdn260578 says:

Stunning looking course, you’re a jammy bugger Rick!

Micke Hämäläinen says:

Nice looking golf course…. Would not say no to playing that.

dante gonzalez says:

exclelant golf guys, enjoyed!

SatsumaBomb says:

Beautiful course 

shane juhass says:

What irons did you use here?

Mark Dean says:


Evan Power says:

You had milk bottles for legs

Stephen Jordan says:


Douglas Tindall says:

Awesome course.

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