GOLF: Left Shoulder Goes DOWN! | Steepen The Backswing So You Can Shallow The Downswing

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John Lawless says:

This has been the missing link to my golf swing. I've been plagued by pulling the left. The "natural" feel of right shoulder replaces the left shoulder doesn't cut it for me. Backswing with good left side bend gets you going back low, get a full turn, then a lowering move of right forearm combined with right side bend, beautiful down the middle shots. Thank you.

Maarten van Dongen says:

Top video. Does this also apply to the driver swing?

Gregg Sainsbury says:

This is a spectacular video. Proponents of the stack and tilt really promote that left side bend. But it works in a conventional swing just as well. Very very important!


Just in time. It's funny how you have "ah-ha" moments in golf and your like, man, why didn't I learn this sooner 😀. My spine angle in backswing has been killing me. Much better now.

Brent says:

Oh WOW!!!! I was doing the head dropping down on my turn which my instructor noticed but never said to steepen the swing.
When I look back at my session video I can see I was bringing the club in too low.

TopdrillsGolf says:

Getting in front of a mirror in 3, 2, 1…

Patrick McCahill says:

Tremendous content!! I am a little confused how this works with the driver? If my driver set up is to have my sternum tilt back away form the ball… how does the side bend work?

Vinh Vo says:

Does this cause reverse pivot? How detrimental is that to the swing?

Jim Vitali says:

another one of your amazing ah ha light bulb moments….this will help me and friends! the simplicity of the explanation is perfect.
mahalo jim

John Herman says:

Thanks Eric. Best lessons on you tube!

Jamie McCabe says:

If you don't have enough side bend could that lead to excessive forearm rotation and the club face fanning open early in the backswing?

Tri Le says:

I’m definitely missing that left side bend in the backswing! Great video!

Eagle Jim says:

I fixed this issue in my swing earlier this year, for the most part. I appreciate the additional explanation on why this is necessary though. Hopefully I can make this stick. It really is a game changer.

ForeverCello says:

Does this apply to driver, as well ?

Greg Cochennet says:

I need to work on this real bad. Have a very hard time getting my right shoulder down

Golf2019 says:

Eric. As a golf instructor, please tell us one thing in golf instruction that you have been dead wrong about before realizing it later. Thanks

David Jackson says:

Basically what where doing is training certain muscle groups to memory where eventually it becomes automatic no thought involved just swing triggers to get the golf swing in motion but of course pre setup to the shot and effect your trying to accomplish

S T says:

Your friend reminds me of Max Homa. Nice guy. Great tips!

Pascal Cadet says:

Monsieur Eric, I often watch your friends vids ( Malaska, Saguto and so on), but I can say that all the good ingredients of a delicious recipe ( as a frenchman it counts…), are mixed in yours!! This vid is one of the best of yours therefore one of the very best on YT. There are all the main principles which lead to a real good impact and consistency. I unfortunately tried to have lessons from you online but I can’t technically join your academy… I’m gonna try again. Thanks for this good job!!

Ken Paveley says:

Thanks for this, fellahs 👍 Does this apply to driver, as well ? Cheers boys, Ken

Michael Clark says:

Epiphany on the range yesterday! Never seen anyone mention “look down at the ball”. Head placement/angle was keeping me from the correct side bend and tilt. My head was upright but eyes looking down at the ball so my swing plane although feeling correct was not. I only say this to help if any amateurs out there were missing this very small piece of info.

pigslefats says:

So why set up with RSB at address (beyond the effect of hand positions on grip) when you want LSB going up to the top? Added benefit of LSB at address is it helps prevent a too inside take away/too flat. Should RSB ONLY be the result of how hands are arranged on the grip?. Also, even though the feel is as demonstrated-sliding left hand down, it is extremely difficult to get that degree of LSB when both hands are on the club.

Jake Allen says:

saguto is somewhere very happy watching this.

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