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Meandmygolf says:

Great work Rick!! Path is loads better and hopefully ball flight will be a
little more consistent. Keep working on it but not too hard!!! See you

RJ Regenold says:

I have tons of respect for a golf pro that not only allows his swing to be
analyzed, but also implements the advice given. Nicely done! Thanks for all
the great videos. 

Channelqinyang says:

Your dedication is inspiring Rick! Looking forward to see the ball flight
change in your future reviews! 

Chris Weatherall says:

Some of those are still drawing quite a lot still from a face only 1 degree
closed to path. What’s the main contributing factor here? One of the first
ones (2:32) was out of the toe (gear effect?) but are the others (4:37)
because of the lie which is tilting the spin axis? I’m pretty new to this
so just trying to figure out why they’re still going a bit left. Good
improvement Rick, beats hitting floodlights 😉 Should give you top
confidence to aim a bit further right now you don’t have to worry about the

myagcp says:

Thank you Rick for your work, Peter’s and the boys at Me and My Golf. I
have been following you all since I got back into golf after a twenty year
break. I had 25 years at 5 or better before that, most at 3. (That dates me
PN… post-Niblick LOL.)

Trackman, and it’s competitors, have opened my eyes to a whole new swing
methodology. It has taken me several months to get my head around the
numbers but thanks to Martin Chuck the penny is finally dropping.

What I am seeing in this video and in your Titleist 915 v 913 video plus
the analysis on Me and My Golf is that you have the enviable path of, lets
say, plus 5 degrees (OK not all the time but proves that even you Pros are
human) But the guys want you to have a square club face instead of an open
face. This seems to me where it all falls apart. In both of the recent
videos your flight starts at the target and goes left depending on how much
plus is in your path and how “closed” your clubface is relative to that

Keep your plus 5 and add in plus 2 (open) face and you have the perfect
draw, starting down the right third of the fairway and drawing back to the
middle, not starting on target (face alignment) and hooking 20 plus yards
to the left (swing path) as evidenced by your videos. (That’s my
understanding of the numbers…am I right?)

Going back a bit to Carnoustie, you were smashing them down the right side
of the fairway with a draw. Great. Understanding that the hook was probably
the same swing but with a square or slightly closed face might be all you
need to think about.

For what it is worth!

David (Australia)

Spare Time Thomas says:

Hands down the most relevant video for my swing I’ve seen – thanks +
Meandmygolf and +RickShielsPGAGolf. I have exactly the same swing path as
you Rick, and cannot hit a straight ball – overdraws and blocks all over
the place! Cannot wait to try these drills this weekend!

Ben Crinion says:

I love how pros “over draw” but amateur players hook.

Erik Biles says:

This swingchange seems like it also has you hitting less up on the ball,
are you thinking that you will just get back to hitting up on the ball more
eventually once you get used to this swing or will you possibly try lofting
up more on your driver?

Peter Thomson says:

Rick..I think a really interesting question to address would be why…that
swing path is….or is inclined to…get to the inside like that. On a cause
and effect basis. I would think that would generate real power for change
without the need to be “thinking” or compensating in the swing. Your
thoughts? Do you really want to have swing thoughts..any swing thoughts….or
do we want fundamentals we can commit to and trust?

MiniBlueDragon says:

Nice video Rick. This was the same suggestion I got the other day by a
local professional. One thing he did mention to me was to make sure I’m not
closing the face at the same time as feeling the leftward path.

Duncan Kim says:

Great to see a pro admitting their ‘mortality’ and putting efforts to
improve. In the midst of too many know-it-alls, who i of course know much
better than the average Joes, it is very refreshing to see Rick learning
from the other pros. 

Super1Matt1 says:

so now what do you do, to stop pulling your shots after having the path
figured out?

garry rake says:

Them boys know there golf

Rick Shiels PGA says:


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