Golf Lessons – How To Develop The Perfect Golf Swing

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This golf lesson is about How To Develop The Perfect Golf Swing. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.






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Erick Alcantar says:

at what angle are your alignment sticks? can I use a certain club to find that angle? thank you!

cryogene says:

Adam I'd say your very flexible, beautiful follow through finish you have – not that easy for guys our age! A lot of the South African golfers have that smooth look, can you sometime explain how Ernie, Louie, Brandon, Charl, etc. get that smooth look to their swings! thanks.

Billy Graham says:

Is this astroturf you are hitting off of?!

This vid evolved quickly into something not at all like a discussion of what "is" the "perfect swing." I watched because I know what a perfect swing is. I am a scratch golfer if anyone cares. This is a discussion of what might be (MIGHT BE) components or elements of a "perfect" swing. This is not an identification of the perfect swing. I would claim that the perfect swing is basically a particular thing, which I have identified (and so I do dare to say what I am saying here), and there would be some numerous variations on the several component parts of that "perfect" swing, giving it a slightly different look for different golfers. Want a hint as to who swings the most "middle of the road" version of the "perfect" swing? Look at Rory McIlroy (NOT Ben Hogan).

jennifer says:

Annika Sorenstam had the simplest looking golf swing, yet she was the longest and straightest driver on the LPGA. Her downswing looks like it's all connected as one piece. In other words. The hips and arms swing down together as one unit.
Could you comment alittle on her swing and what her style is called, as I would like to duplicate it. It's very body friendly.

Timbo234 says:

Thank you so much for this tip. I have a thick upper body and thin legs. I have always tried to have a wide long swing and never seem to be able to bring it back. This shows me I'm probably doing the wrong thing for my body type….never considered that it would be different for me than for others!

Mark Lavery says:

Nice demonstration on different swings types. You have a pretty decent swing there yourself Adam. You deliver a fairy athletic move into the ball as well. I like it & as usual another very interesting well presented video.

DANKKY says:

This helps a lot ?

Mark Rostek says:

I am thirteen years old no golf lessons ever, these videos have got me to shoot 100 and I used to shoot 120 before I discovered your amazing videos thanks.

Black Knight says:

Have been watching your videos for the past two weeks. Played a lot as a Junior in my youth but as an adult got back into the game. Always had the very common driver slicing issue on virtually every driver shot

Between studying and reviewing your videos I am now hitting the ball straighter and occasionally with good draw over 240 yards on 7 out of 10 shots at the range! This after discovering it was my unnecessary tighter grip and keeping the club face open upon impact.

Thank you for your detailed explanations Adam and good visual aides (this part helps me tremendously). Will continue to subscribe and practice, practice, practice!

Marc Davies says:

great tuition once again Adam. I will check that book out. regards from Aberdovey, Wales.

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