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In this golf lesson golf instructor Steve Bishop discusses some tips on how to hit the driver. He also explains some reasons golfers have a difficult time swinging the driver.


L. SH says:

Good video, but probably could have been 5 minutes shorter lol.

Richard Workman says:

Probably the most straightforward explanation of swing dynamics out
there.Excellent video. 

Glenn S. Marks says:

great video 

Khaled COO says:

hey ,if anyone else trying to find out best golf swing instruction try
Barkola Amazing Golf Blueprint (just google it ) ? Ive heard some
extraordinary things about it and my friend got amazing success with it. 

Jancen says:

I really need some help on my driver swing. The biggest problem is my
follow thru and finish. When I practice swing, a have a good follow thru
and finish and I can hear the swoosh on my driver. However, when there is
a ball in front of me, I decelerate big time before impact and I stop my
swing right after impact with the shaft parallel to the ground. No
complete finish no matter how hard I try. Just wondering if you can help
me on this.

jim luna says:

good swing thourght for the driving range and on course…

Cockney Boy68 says:

Great video, have struggled with Driver. Great tip re spine tilt away from
target, this is also covered in Videojug clip. Good tip re stance width and
idea of lifting a settee, also ball height on tee.


Best driver video. Period. Everything is covered if you pay attention.
Thanks Steve beautiful swing also.

Hugh Jorgan says:

thank you for the tips. the hand positioning being constant is of great
help. I was actually able to use my 3 hybrid and drive it 220 yds! thanks!

Michael Barnett says:

Ringer, Good stuff as always. Always good to see some of the things you
tend to forget when hitting the big stick.


P.S. Don’t think too much about spine tilt. Just make sure your head is
slightly behind your hands at address. If your clubface is open after
trying these things, either your grip is way off or you are pressing your
hands too far foward.

bens grandad says:

hey mister redbull try a stiffer shafted driver -i did exactly the same
when i bought a club with too whippy a shaft- the club head cant catch up
with your swing and you are lifting before the club hits the ball -worked
for me -good luck

AbundantFun444 says:

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Club in Argentina. sry for posting late, busy… leaving tonight wish me
well, got new driver, taylormade supertri, new irons, callaway 09 forged
(Highly recommend for low handicaps), and new wedges– taylormade rac good
for price and playability. Last, cannot do anything without the scotty
cameron!! Need them birds and eagles

thelakersforlife says:

I see everyone shoots 12 under and drives 470 in here.

jccree17 says:

puzzler, first i would say to get a lesson with someone so that they can
see and fix ur swing. my advice about your drive is to make sure your club
face isnt open and that feet knees hips and shoulders are aligned parallel
to where you are aiming the club face so that u are swinging throught the
ball and not across it; therefore putting spin on the ball and slicing it

Steve Bishop says:

@ThePuzzler96 Yes, your path is going way out to the right. The ball will
always curve away from your path during impact.

AbundantFun444 says:

@RingerDaMan : OMG thank you! I fixed my swing. 🙂 I’m hitting it 290yrds
dead straight. I shot a 69 at Woodside Meadows Golf Course in Michigan.
First time ever 3 under par for 18 thx times a million

AbundantFun444 says:

Hey, I’m a scratch golfer, a senior in high school and lately I’ve notice
my ball start slicing. I was told to stand closer but this doesn’t help. My
driver hasn’t ever been fit, no place for miles and its too long, about
48.5″. My arms hanging to floor is 37″. Should I either stick with my swing
but grip down lower on the grip, stand back further, or something else.
Please, i need help. I have a huge tournament soon!!!

ricky davis says:

good vid thanks man

hanzosan says:

that ball position tip really helps, i am right handed and slice right,
because I impact too early in the swing.

Martyn Lee says:

The tip about checking the correct spine angle at address by holding the
shaft from the chin is an absolute pearl. Thanks Steve you’re a clas act

Steve Bishop says:

@jdheelfan Either more swing speed or heavier clubs.

zecks08 says:

I just started playing and the clubs i have are the 2,3,4,5,7,9 irons.
theyre used and im a tall guy, 6′ 1″. i top the ball alot, ive been bending
my knees and it helps, but my knees and legs are damaged. Would longer
clubs work better? any tips for a beginner? thank you

Bill Bixby says:

10 bucks says he sliced it

John Kilkenny says:

For me, probably the best explanation of how to approach driving the ball I
have seen on Utube. Follow this and you can’t go far wrong.

M@ says:

which pixel is the driver?

starling5 says:

its great advice but with golf im a better learner when i see the hit not

hamadeha says:

Good stuff! Thanks Steve!

jordan peck says:

you forgot to mention something very important about set up for a driver.
if you hover the club with the ball in the middle of the face, and let it
drop, the ball will always fall towards the toe end. many good drivers tee
the driver off the toe. this is only if you dont wish to hold the club up
for very long

jeff5was5here says:

thats a damn heavy couch

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