Golf Review 2018 PURE Grips

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Matt Arsenault says:

They need to make a cord grip

Tom Donnelly says:

FYI, for anyone who may be interested:
The following colors are available on the Pure Pro, Pure DTX and Pure Wrap models:
Black, White, Red, Blue and Purple.
(Source: Company website,

Owen Oiffer says:

Is there a mid size?

Matt Revilock says:

Do they make grips in Jumbo?

Ben Foust says:

Jim, installed with or without ( blown on) tape? I play GP Tour Wrap and scrub them with Dawn Dish soap (it's a degreaser) and they stay real tacky for over a year. Only imagine how long the Pure grips would last.

Tom Donnelly says:

I absolutely love Pure Grips, specifically the Pure Pro. I have used them for a couple of years and can attest to the fact that they really do stay tacky for a full year. They also happen to be the easiest grip to remove without cutting. One question on colors: The gray color, which I’ve always loved, was discontinued several months ago. Are they bringing it back or is this just an old video? I checked their website and there wasn’t a gray color listed.

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