Golf Review 2018 PURE Grips

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I review the 2 new PURE grip colors and the Pro grip model, We also go over the wrap and DTX models, talk about the logo section and other colors offer by this made in America grips. kind appropriate for the 4th of July.


Matt Arsenault says:

They need to make a cord grip

Tom Donnelly says:

FYI, for anyone who may be interested:
The following colors are available on the Pure Pro, Pure DTX and Pure Wrap models:
Black, White, Red, Blue and Purple.
(Source: Company website,

Owen Oiffer says:

Is there a mid size?

Matt Revilock says:

Do they make grips in Jumbo?

Ben Foust says:

Jim, installed with or without ( blown on) tape? I play GP Tour Wrap and scrub them with Dawn Dish soap (it's a degreaser) and they stay real tacky for over a year. Only imagine how long the Pure grips would last.

Tom Donnelly says:

I absolutely love Pure Grips, specifically the Pure Pro. I have used them for a couple of years and can attest to the fact that they really do stay tacky for a full year. They also happen to be the easiest grip to remove without cutting. One question on colors: The gray color, which I’ve always loved, was discontinued several months ago. Are they bringing it back or is this just an old video? I checked their website and there wasn’t a gray color listed.

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