Wilson Cortex Golf Club Review

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WIlsons Driver vs Driver 2 produced a winner and we got a few and did some testing. check out the video for the results.

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stumpyslvr says:

How much does the head weigh? Very heavy swing weight in my opinion.Are those stiff or regular flex shafts? Does heavy head account for the very weak cpm reading?It's a very good looking club.Hopefully it's successful.Thanks for the video

Mike Reed says:

I stopped at my local golf retailer to try this club and they did not have any and said they have no interest in it. They feel the price is too high and there are no discernible differences between the Wilson and other drivers. Also, it was interesting to see Brandon Steele playing this weekend and he was using a Taylor Made driver. If Wilson cannot sell their club to their own pros, how can it be sold to the general public. Finally, this retailer was concerned about the failure of the Triton driver three years ago. They are very leery of Wilson products.

Timothy Harris says:

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MrSphillipst says:

The shaft is $300 alone and 98% would not upgrade so the driver is priced fair being a top end shaft

Paranoid Android Golfer says:

True shaft but price is too much as markets tight just cause it's the norm don't make it right

Dave J says:

Agree with many comments about the price at $499.00 Not a proven club or technology by Wilson. $425.0o or $399.00 is more in line with a Wilson product. If I'm going to spend $499.00 on a driver I'll go with Titleist.

Eric Hurt says:

Let's be talk about 1 Major thing with this Driver that WILL set this back. PRICE!!!! That's the HUGE Negitive for this Club. $499 can't compete with Proven Drivers in Ping, Taylormade and Callaway. Wilson set them up for Failure with that Price, total cost to make this Club Head is about $47. Put a Great Shaft in it yes but to get this Club out and having customers test it $299 would have sold for them easy and getting people talking about it and would have shaken up the other manufacturers. $499 is just plain stupid, unfortunately I'm not even gonna touch it as I know it won't compare to my M3 and I got my M3 for less ???.

Bill Reynolds says:

Driver looks great, but, the first driver from this series did not go over very well. I like the look, but the $499 price seems high compared to other brands for less. I'll try it out and see.

azri radzi says:

Looks good. The loft sleeve.. Does it change how the head look at address? ie: more close or open once you change the loft?

Paul Van Vleet says:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Paul Van Vleet says:

Sock itttttttttt to ME?

Stephen DiBari says:

Great review ! Would consider the Cortex but highly unlikely especially after recently selling my Ping G 400 LST head and buying a G400 Max head. I’m looking forward to hitting/playing the G400 Max. Happy thanksgiving

Matt Revilock says:

Great review. Will you game that club? Happy Thanksgiving.

tom tomtam70 says:

Great info. I hit this diver today. Did not get to try all the settings as we were playing a round on our local range golf simulator. Three of use hit it with all agreeing great feel and sound. Mixed reviews on performance. I thought it was as good as my second year TM M2 driver. I could not find specs on their web site, so was very surprised when you gave the swing weight. I did see a Red Tour Spec 5 and a Red 5 that was 57gm.

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