Phil Mickelson: Chipping 101

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Corek BleedingHollow says:

Great video

Mdmchannel says:

I want to practice but it’s 1 AM

Logie Bear says:

Short game GOAT.

Red NoLyf says:

It is so great to have a left teach you something for once and not a righty where you have to do the opposite of what they are doing

jon knott says:

Amazing advice! I've literally copied absolutely everything phil said and my Chipping has now improved beyond sight!! Great video!

Jason Cleveland says:

This has to be the best video for chipping

John Maher says:

Who dares me to chip with my ball between my feet

Ryan O says:

Anyone else chip with their weight back, hands behind the ball, and ball in between their feet?

theodore gibbs says:

oh look 70 people who think they are better than him bahahahahahaha losers

Chris P says:

This is great timing. Had a horrible chipping day yesterday, and was doing exactly what he said NOT to do. I had the ball in between my feet and kept chipping so far from the flag. Was playing a course where the greens were super fast.

CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER says:

Odd as it may sound when i chip onto the green i have my feet touching each other. It works for me.

23v0lv32 says:

oh man amazing video! Thank you Phil and Callaway! So many bullshit 10min + chipping videos out there over saturated with instructor nonsense and bullshit. Thank you for keying in on the 3 most important points without 8min+ worth of bullshit 🙂

pootube50 says:

Waiting for his next video “Cheating 101”

Daniel Keerer says:

That did help my short game. Thank´s Phil

TheGrantRomigExp says:

RULE #1: wait until the ball stops before you hit it.

z Flexity- says:

What angle club was that

Chanyeong Park says:

Great video. I can't wait to watch more like this from Phil. Pitching 101, for example?

conor clarke says:

I wish Phil would cut the back of his hair I don't like that Tufty bit sticking out at the back it's terrible looking

Sergio Mendez says:

Best 1:56 low show and 2:10 high shots.

Darren Alexander says:

What would he charge for private lessons 😉

Anders Horsbøl says:

Even though my clubs say Titleist, I found this chipping 101 very useful! Thanks Phil …and Callaway

K Lima says:

Phil is just an amazing player…makes it look so easy.

starflash08 says:

Oh and good luck for US OPEN

starflash08 says:

precise, no nonsense, you the best Philster

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