15 thoughts on “Golf Swing Speed! What muscles you FORGET to TRAIN?

  1. One thing you really need to consider are obliques, usually people don’t have enough strength to decelerate their hips, so none of that arm strength matters if you can’t decelerate the hips

  2. "Designed for golf teaching professionals, medical practitioners and fitness trainers, the TPI Certification program is an evidence based, educational pathway "

    oh, dear God

  3. The exercise you show is not for the chest, it’s anterior delts. A pec fly is close to the position of the swing and will actually strengthen the pecs. You also completely missed the rear delts of the right arm which are working harder than the chest to stop the swing, and of course the right obliques. Since the right rear delts and obliques are in a stretched position at the end, they are in their weakest position so you primarily need to strengthen these 2 in exactly the stretched position to gain strength where it’s needed

  4. Reed you seem to use a stronger grip compared to many of the single plane teachers. Would you agree and can you share your thoughts? I get 12 to 16 more yards using a stronger grip but rush a hard hook at times

  5. Hi Reed. Love your Moe Norman type single plane swing; but sorry to bust your balloon as there are absolutely no such things as accelerating muscles V decelerating muscles responsible for slowing down or stopping the swinging of our golf club. The physical limitations of our hips turning naturally 45 degrees and not 360 degrees along with Newton laws does the deceleration and stoping the momentum of our club head naturally for us

    Every single skeletal muscle in our body can either pull or relax as all the bones inside our body can only push. This is a physiological fact and anyone can google it

    Our skeletal muscles are set in groups inside called agonist and antagonist muscles pairs. The following muscles are antagonistic pairs:
    1Biceps V Triceps
    2Hamstrings V Quadriceps
    3Gluteal V Hip Flexors
    4Gastrocnemius V Tibialis anterior
    5Pectoralis V Latissmus dorsi

    So simply put when one contract the other relaxes. Such is the beautiful homeostasis mechanism found in our muscular skeletal system that simply happens naturally giving our muscles stability and constancy needed to function in any thing we do in life.

    So as we swing our golf club we should not even give our muscles one thought unless we injure them by trying to deliberately accelerate with one and decelerate with the other. Building all your muscles equally may indeed give more power and safety in our swing; but accuracy and repeatable I am certain you had to learn for yourself


  6. Hey Reed I have a question non related to this video. It appears me and you have the same head movement in the swing. So if you draw a line from the butt to the back of the head(spine angle line), guys like moe, Todd, and chandler all stay on that line to impact. But you are out in front of that line like me even though we’re rotating fine. Have u tried to fix this or or does this matter at all?

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