The core muscles of the golf swing

This video is the first of a four part mini series on the muscles used in the golf swing. Core muscles are the emphasis of this video.
Plan photo Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash
Weight Image Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash
McHardy A, Pollard HMuscle activity during the golf swingBritish Journal of Sports Medicine 2005;39:799-804.

4 thoughts on “The core muscles of the golf swing

  1. Hi Adam. At 74 I am convinced The secret of the golf swing is when we golfers activate our obliques from start to finish.

    Looking at the the obliques we see they run along the sides of our core. That they are important for every golfers rotational movements. That they allow the body to bend from side to side and protects the golfers spine The obliques especially on the downswing are designed for every golfer to correctly connect and sequence the golfers upper body with their lower body.

    I highly recommend that every golfer do Adam’s obliques exercises within their own capabilities and start every swing by activating their marvelous obliques.

    Since I have been obligated to my obliques throughout my swing, I have become a powerhouse golfer at age 74. Cheers

  2. Dude, how do you only have 311 subscribers? I just watched this one video and liked, subscribed and rang the bell. I just turned 64 today and want to train for Super Senior long drive. I believe you can take me where I want to go. More than I can say about all the other golf fitness video's I've seen on youtube. Don't forget to touch on things like creatine and NO boost products to help us older guys build back the muscle we once had. Edit: Just came from your page and see you do have what I'm looking for, you're awesome.

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