Golf Swing Tips : How to Hit a Golf Ball With Irons

To hit a golf ball with irons, you want to focus on striking the ground with the bottom of the club. Starting hitting your irons correctly with tips from a professional golf instructor in this free video on golf swings.

Expert: Conan Elliott
Bio: Conan Elliott has been the director of instruction at Camas Meadows Golf Club since January 2004. He has been teaching for more than 30 years, and truly is a “teacher of champions.”
Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson

47 thoughts on “Golf Swing Tips : How to Hit a Golf Ball With Irons

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  3. 2:00 – 2:05 “As long as the golf club strikes the groung FIRST..” nooooo…
    that would be incorrect… this would be considered a “caught it Fat”
    situation… Golf ball first, then the dirt…

  4. Thanks. I never knew that the angle of bottom of the club was the same as
    the face 🙂 This makes sense in relation to ball striking to me. Thak you,

  5. Thanks. I went out in the backyard and did what you said to no avail. Then
    I did the opposite; I lifted the ball and that worked great. I’m not trying
    to be sarcastic or mean. Because of this video I fixed my swing, even
    though I did not follow the video. Thanks…I guess haha

  6. I’m sorry but he’s wrong for long shots. and that stance advice sucks.
    stance changes greatly with the longer iorns. If you hit right you may be
    to far up and left u to far back. bad teacher.

  7. instead of centering myself around the ball.. i tend to line up the ball
    with my left leg…it’s a weird stance.. but works for me. /shrugs

  8. He means the bottom of the club instead of the leading edge of the club…
    he obviously knows that the club strikes the ball first and assumes that
    you know that too… look at his divots in front of the ball ..

  9. Can someone tell me what he means by ‘keeping your hands quiet’? I’m new to
    golf you see, so trying to learn as much as possible. Thanks

  10. Really good that he pointed out the fact that we should let the club do the
    lifting. I think it’s a common issue for newbies like me!

  11. Before I watched all of Conan’s clips, I could barely hit a golf ball 20
    yards in the air and was thinking about giving up before I’d even started
    playing. I watched these and decided to give it another shot on the driving
    range. Now, I didn’t hit every ball, I obviously skewed a few wide left or
    right, but when I connected I was hitting the ball 150 yds+ with my 3 iron
    and 200 yards+ with my driver. AND they were going dead straight too.
    Fantastic clips!

  12. @SwollPirate3 It may seem OK lifting the ball, until you see a ball struck
    correctly by a pro. It will fizz away, climbing with back spin, then
    falling almost vertically. This is not like the simple loop you get by
    lifting. Try to come into the back of the ball and hit the ground just
    AFTER the ball, taking a small divot. You’ll see and feel the difference

  13. The man was giving sold advice to beginning golfers. Since some of you seem
    to think you are the next Tiger Woods, why are you watching a video for

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