Sean Foley: Golf Instructor

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Gary Lewis says:

I think Foley is a good coach and will continue to teach PGA pros and be
successful. It didn’t work out with Tiger for whatever reasons but have
to say that Foley got Tiger at a pretty bad time probably, with injuries
and probable baggage from his personal problems. He seems to have done
pretty good with Justin Rose. As far as Foley’s golf swing, doesn’t look
too bad to me. 

andy koh says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

golfinguna says:

johnnboy89able You don’t necessarily have to be good at a sport to be a
good coach. Dumbo! It seems there are a lot of jealous/envious guys out
there. There are some great coaches around on you tube Dennis Pugh for one.
Personally I think Sean Foley is a great coach. He has new ideas and a new
perspective on teaching. Look at the hundreds of idiots (I’m a PGA coach
etc etc) that are all repeating each other on you tube. They haven’t got a
clue all they do is repeat the same boring old information that simply
confuses the poor beginner????

johnnyboy89able says:

this guy is killing whatever is left of T. Woods. Has anybody looked at
Foley’s swing? He looks like a Broadway dancer trying to flag a taxi down
in the West Village. I cannot imagine what Tiger was thinking but coming
from a military family with an authoritarian father he probably just fell
under the influence. Its a tragedy really.

suzanne leclair says:

Where can I buy the blueprint? I want it.:)

googleround says:

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races and a gold penis….yeah…the jesus stole all of that…

BiTechxual says:

great person

Bluecrew27 says:

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DASH1ful says:

tommy rott

Mikael Reijonen says:

i’ve listened to his thoughts, teachings and this is the result
/watch?v=u61IT4gsc2Q&feature=results_video (my swing)

Tommy Hediaka says:

I just thought that the model is Rory McIlroy

tdreamgmail says:

It was smaller than the ball it wouldn’t go it, would it?

drewster85 says:

I’m all stack and tilt clown. Thank you for telling me when and how I play
you ignorant fuck

Conor Sunderland says:

Writings by Roman people

Jesse Hodges says:

your an idiot

sherman stine says:

god bless you.

drewster85 says:

Stack and suck

Bryan Gould says:

What does Jesus have to do with this video???

tmoatess says:

does he have a …brother that lives in a van down my the river?

paulyrulo1 says:

Totally agree….Foley is like 99% of golf instructors who THINK they know
what they are teaching…..he mentions nothing about the swing needing to
be in 2 planes and that the club MUST shallow out on the downswing ala
Hogan, Sergio, Player, Trevino etc etc…..he’s just another fraud like
Tigers preious coach Hank Haney….now thats the dumbest coach of all time.

Ethan Leier says:

thats sick how he lied down in front of stephen ames while filming him. he
trusted that he would hit the ball over him

Chy Song says:

@baabaabooey1 lol idiot

SearchBucket2 says:

We’ve had Leadbetter, Harmon, Haney. They all went running to these guys
for a “secret” … but the secret is they simply got confidence because
they were with the currently fasionable guru … and that confidence is
what probably brought results. Tiger will part with this guy before too
long and it will be someone elses turn

CraigHansonGolf says:

You mentioned Hogan , Trevino , both of these players lowered there levels
in there swing this has been proven by many swing analysis videos . Nobody
has lowered more then Trevino in the downswing …Garcia also lowers
considerably .Rory drops a mile with his levels in the downswing ..this is
fact .He has improved Justin Roses ball striking who was leading player in
greens in regulation in 2012 . Hunter Mahan who was always a great hitter
has commented that Sean Foley has improved his hitting

Daniel L says:

Instructors my ASS, Bubba Watson won the Masters and he has never been
coached or ever had a “golf instructor”. If i’m trolling, cry me a river

sjb610 says:


deedrabbit says:

You might ask ‘what has Churchill got to do with golf’?’, but alot of
people don’t know that apart from being good at genocide, he was a handy


A lot of people commenting negatively on Sean Foley are eating crow now

Ciarán Hegarty says:

This guy is a genius!!!!! I have never seen tiger play as well as he is the
last the days in Abu Dhabi totally in control 17/18 in round one! And as
for justin rose his swing has become a lot less mechanical looking since
Sean took over!!!

Milton Taylor says:

Actually this is Luke 12:48 But he that knew not, and did commit things
worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever
much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have
committed much, of him they will ask the more. Foley’s swing is good

Theclassiccarnut says:

hows aims playing, have not seen him out there?

kevlarticus says:

Blah Blah Blah dee Blah JESUS Blah Blah doo dumb. Thats what you sound
like. Me 11:04 pm

ArCxlioN says:

fuck me…there is NO question jesus existed. it’s whether he was the son
of god or a total-loon that’s in doubt.

baabaabooey1 says:

So who is Stephen Ames? I’m a golfer, never heard of him.

threestripes333 says:

@bradburywillis if this is true thats truly awesome. i am a huge fan and
would love to know more about him

prorobo says:

Sean Foley seems like a great guy to work with. Very methodical,
articulate, and now many good proven results. Would definitely like to see
what he could do with my swing.

robertsheldon says:

what evidence might that be?

remmy100 says:

@baabaabooey1 how do you feel now? BWWAAAHHAHAHA!!

MrLuigiFercotti says:

Sean, get some sun block on your nose.

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