GOLF: The Two Best Drills For Perfect Connection In Your Golf Swing

The Two Best Drills For Perfect Connection In Your Golf Swing

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When we talk connection, we have to talk about why you get disconnected in the first place. When I see a lot of players get disconnected during the backswing – meaning arms away from their body or their elbows separating during the backswing or forward swing – I can almost always take that back to a root cause of they simply don't turn on either side. Almost all of it really stems from a lack of body motion.

When I’m working with someone to start to learn how to get more connected, I’ll almost always start them out with a Tour Striker Smart Ball. I put the Tour Striker Ball just underneath my elbows. The higher up on my arms it goes, the harder it is. The lower it goes, you're cheating a little bit and it's not that hard.

The first step to getting more connection is learning to turn. And when I put the ball in, I have to turn more. I want you to focus on your core or your belly. I want you to feel like your stomach starts to turn back. Maybe you can get a little uncomfortable and turn a little more than you can and the same thing on the way through. I'll put the ball in underneath my arms and I'll do a couple of swings with an eight iron or nine iron and I'm just getting a sense of my body turning back and body turning through.

In drill number two for perfect connection, all you need is an alignment rod. I put the alignment rod underneath my trail arm or right arm right underneath the armpit and I put it where the majority of the stick is sticking out in the front part. If I keep my arm pit or my upper arm, close to my body, it really forces me to do turn my right shoulder through. It’s really good for everything – handle forward, dynamic loft, contact, face control, you name it!

When I make a backswing, the stick is going to hit my arm when I get to about parallel to the ground. For those of you that go too long, it'll be a good reminder and when you hit it with speed, you're going to go a little bit farther. It keeps my backswing shorter and then it's going to keep my right shoulder moving because my right arm is connected to my body all the way.

I would actually ombine these two drills together. If you're looking for more connection, start short and slow. Changing your swing is a process. If it's not perfect on your first session, I shouldn't dictate whether you do it or not. Make a decision to do it, stick with it and come to our live q&a sessions every Monday at 5PM EST and asked me a question. I can help you guys!


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22 thoughts on “GOLF: The Two Best Drills For Perfect Connection In Your Golf Swing

  1. Thanks for the videos…. I watched a couple of your videos today for the 1st time then went to the driving range. I hit better today than all of last year and it was only the 2nd time at the range this winter. I like your going into details better than most golf lesson videos I've watched on you tube. Here's to better scores….

  2. Great drills. In the past, some teachers advocate a 90 degree box formed between the right upper arm and chest at the top whereas with the rod connection drill the right upper arm stays very close to the chest. What actually happens at the top with the separation between the right upper arm and chest- close or 90 degrees apart?

  3. Great videos as always Eric. Just a tip. Volume difference for your intro music and your voice is huge so it's painful to my ears when I'm watching u on my headphones when your sound effects come on. Cheers.

  4. Eric …..what are your thoughts on the lead elbow do you prefer it be turned into the hip area or turned out towards the target, I have seen teacher talk about both.

  5. I've found when I've done this drill in the past that it gets my shoulders/upper arms tight so that my armpits are pinched against my upper torso. I've heard both schools of thought around the "towel/rod" pinched between the arm and body. Are you of the school of thought that the arm should be connected through the whole swing, not just in the drill? That is to say that the towel/rod will not disconnect until post impact? I feel like this drill introduces a lot of tension for me which causes a few problems. just looking for some insight, hope this was clear enough! Appreciate the vid!

  6. Eric, these two drills are exactly what I needed to complete the work I'm doing to improve my turn and my my rotation. Thank you very much. You are the best!!!

  7. Great drills. Well presented. Martin Chuck's Smart ball is a useful tool. I own it & all of his Tour Striker clubs. They're a big help, but guys like you, Eric, are still needed because you understand the whole golf swing in detail. Thanks for these two drills; I loaded them into my favorites.

  8. Lots of instructors talk good technique, but your inclusion of drills that emphasize feel and your concise verbal description and the on screen summary of your comments make your videos so much more helpful!

  9. Really appreciate you encouraging us to keep at it even if it doesn’t yield immediate results. Super frustrating for us YouTube students to feel like we are getting no where or like dogs chasing our tails. Thanks again!

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