[Golf with Aimee] Aimee’s Golf Lesson 028: Know Your Post Impact Position!

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Do you know what you look like right after the impact position?
Are you finding it difficult to fix your post impact position?
Our golf professional Aimee talks about the importance of the post impact position and she will show you a great drill to help you fix your post impact position.

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Filmed at Wilfit Sports Center


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Jeffrey Vanderzee says:

Hi Aimee…Jeff from Pennsylvania here!I want to thank you! I really enjoy your videos and you have helped me out with my swing immensely! The one key point that transformed my swing is that you post up the left leg with about 90% of your weight first then swing through impact. I was always trying to shift my weight as I was making my way through impact which caused me nothing but horrors! Every once in a while I would produce a shot with great compression at impact and directly at my target, but I never knew how I really did it. After that I would be searching again which I'm sure most golfers have experienced. I have found that a great impact helps to transcend into a great post impact. Awesome experience!Sincerely, Jeff…a happy and content golfer now!

Troy D says:

Great video lesson. Your teaching and demonstrations are superb. Thanks!

trunkten31 says:

Aimee you are the best teacher on the internet. I would love to take lessons with you. Your explanation of impact positions and what I should feel in my thighs and lower body has taught me how to initiate my transition with my lower body.  My ball striking has changed dramatically.

Donovan De Beer says:

Wow  great lesson, thanks.

Noore Tautaya says:

I did my first drive with a driver yesterday and got pain in my left upper rib cage. Can I keep up playing it's hurting a bit?

Noore Tautaya says:

Hi, I'm just starting playing golf and noticed that Im getting pain in my left wrist. Is it normal? It could be that I'm holding to much on the grip? Any tips?

William Brown says:

Thank you this will fix my flip 🙂

elkgunner says:

Thanks for the info about the classic swing flip. I have still been trying to do that.

Edwin Betancourt says:

Great lesson. Was able to take it to the practice range and hit some quality shots mimicking the post impact position and then doing half and full swings. Definitely going to take some time for my body memory muscles to adapt to the different swing position. My body kept fighting me to not shift to the left and would force a coming over the top move first. Had to stay very focused on shifting first instead of spinning left. I can see what a difference following Aimee's teaching will mean to my game.

Filiberto roma says:

post impact da vedere

Amir Khan168 says:

aimee, as always great video. my key swing thought post impact is the toe of the club points to the sky at 3 oclock with both hands extended. i do feel that i flip my right palm like reaching out to shake someone else's hand. if i dont, i get a tiny slice ball flight.

Cale Gray says:

oh, a CLOCK, got it.

Dean Oakley says:

Good video. I think I might have inadvertently stumbled across my fault with this video, mainly being the flip through and over rotate – which is odd because, certainly with the flip, I see a lot of people still say you need to flip and in fact, a recent lesson I had was mainly about flipping. Will certainly give this a try though.

hyeok ahn says:

Very good lesson, thank

YP Soo says:

Hi Aimee, just a note to say thank you for your very informative & practical videos. I've watched most, if not all, of them including the ones spoken in Korean! My game has improved a lot since & is more consistent now. Pls keep them coming. I've recommended my buddies to watch them too. Thank you very much.

이은상 says:

잘보고 잇습니다
오늘 200개 연습하고왓습니다

André Fischer says:

Is that also true with the driver ?Thanks for you great job !

crosswire7777 says:

You're the best aimee! I love you!!

Hong Joon Hwang says:

아~~ 바로 올라왔군요~~ 정말 궁금했던 부분인데 ~~ 넘 좋아요^^

Anja Papke says:

Hey Aimee,

push by the right hip, right shoulder … great. What an easy feeling from now on. Thanks.
You mentioned the lower body hasn't turned that much at this point (post impact position). Nevertheless it is a power source and the hip will turn a bit. How much is it refering to the symbolic clock?

Jaleel Akhtar says:

Could you do one on applying changes to one's swing … what kind of expectations one should have and how long it takes to implement changes. I've often tried things, gotten disheartened after a couple of rounds and gone back to my old habits. While I'm making requests, how about one on swing thoughts. Caroline Masson told me once that she doesn't think of anything while swinging … just feels the rhythm that she had rehearsed pre-shot. To us amateurs it almost feels impossible not to have multiple thoughts in our heads while swinging. I believe that our brains can only entertain one thought at a time anyway so it might be super counterproductive to try to think otherwise. If just one then which one? Would love to know your comments on this. Respect.

Jaleel Akhtar says:

That is soooo useful. Could be the missing link for many of us. Aimee you have such a great talent, it's one thing to understand or play golf well and it's totally another to be able to convey instructions so everyone can understand and apply it to their game easily. My favorites 010, 025, 026, 0 27 and now this 028. You are way ahead of the pack. If I was your boss I'd give you a raise right now … a hug and a raise!! Looking forward to more.

Hong Joon Hwang says:

낭낭한 목소리로 한국말로 다시 한번 부탁해요~~^^

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