Golfing with Jon Rahm [#6 Ranked Golfer in the World!!!]

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Playing golf with Jon Rahm (#6 World Ranked Pro Golfer)
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Part 2:

The round of a lifetime! So grateful for the hospitality from both Ben Herman and Jon Rahm. There were lots of laughs and I learned a lot from both of the guys. Luckily this is just the first of a three part series and let me just say…the golf gets even better!

Wow Jon really is a showman. Going out and winning the Hero right before this video goes live! Congrats my dude!

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Brodie Smith says:

What is up guys! Got the privilege of playing golf with Jon Rahm (who just won the Hero) and thought it had to go up. If you want more golf content check out

Bogeybox Golf says:

Less white belts. LORD.

Justin Williams says:

This was awesome! Ben and Rahm seem like they would be so cool to play with

maxpf says:

Must have been a nice inheritance for ben

brianmcg321 says:

Jon is so lucky. He was probably so excited to play with you.

Jesse says:

Tell this idiot to take the cigar out of his mouth

Matt Cruz says:

why do you say you've only been playing a few months? do you mean you only started taking the game serious and practicing for 4 months? I remember seeing a vine of you years ago smoking a driver.

jtoms25 says:

The dude in black has mugged of Brodie so many times in this video

MATTI Helenius says:

hi. very cool video! 🙂 ~~

James Lovering says:

"Were Full" dude seems alittle off to me

jaison edwards says:

#8 player in the world, #999 at tucking in his damn shirt.

Ordinary Sneaker Guy says:

Top notch content!!!!!

Youngsun Kim says:

Brodie is no.1 rank in frisbee golf though.

Sunny Rawdik says:

Calgary flames fan?

Alan Robb says:

Come to the UK Brodie! Will be waiting in the west of Scotland for a match in the summer

Josh says:

how does a guy that young come to own a golf course that awesome?

Dustin Mordica says:

you've only been playing for 4 months???

Justin Sterling says:

This is better than anything those golf alcoholics have ever put out!

Steve Hyun says:

Damn that dude Ben got game. All seem like chill guys.

Blake L says:

super cool that he won right after this

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