Great Golf Drills For Out To To In Swing Issues

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Great Golf Drills For Out To To In Swing Issues with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. More golf swing fixes with Mark Crossfield via his golf app. This golf video is talking club path and how to improve it for better golf.


AssassinPanda says:

My biggest issue is slicing with my woods due to my overtop swing, but I’m
not slicing with my irons. So should I do these drills strictly with my

Steve Reed says:

This is pretty much my live lesson with Mark, these all worked brilliantly
for me and like Mark says practice it exaggerated. Without Mark I may have
quit on these when I got the crazy lefts with the revving but that, with
Mark’s guidance, educated my understanding of face control. Do ti and stick
at it, learn from every shot. I’m playing so much better and once the
qualifies kick-in my h’cap will be coming down from 14

Richard Brooks says:

Mark…the revving drill worked a treat….been implementing it for a few
months and it has dramatically improved my strike…cheers!

27G27G27 says:

The third drill is the one that has worked for me.

AussieKID gamer says:

My iron shots always go way higher than they should.What should I do

IIIIlamboIIII says:

Still love the ‘rev’ drill +Mark Crossfield. Used it since your ‘5 tips’
series just before christmas and my leakages to the right have dramatically

Sil3ntSup3rstar says:

That’s the problem I have I’ll put this into practice see how I go

John Smith says:

Is “out to to in” some sort of special wizard swing?

Ralph Melis says:

Going to try the rev drill on my driver. still have too much fade there.

cmo9781 says:

Great Video Mark. Very, very helpful. Thank you. 

Andy M says:

If he moved his hips whatsoever this would help.

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