Have You Ever Seen A Lefty That’s Bad At Golf?

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Rich D says:

Yeah. That guy is me.

jgallone says:

Check out Bob Does Sports for a great example.

Pal says:

I see him every day in my mirror.

Gary St. Clair says:

What shoes are those?

Hunter Fpv says:

All lefty’s I play with are decent 😂

Merkeva 1 says:

i might start swinging left hand now

K Sleep says:

You’re looking at him pal 😂

Marc McAndrews says:

As a lefty, great work!

Tanner Horst says:

Me bruh😂

Christopher Reeves says:

Yeah his name is Chris(me) 😅

GolfLNX says:

Great swing

I may or may not be trying says:

I live in Canada where it seems like 50% of golfers are lefty’s. So yes, lots

Joshua Krueger says:

Yeah, me haha

Robert Figueroa says:

I find it the right hand golfers are better because there’s less advice for left-handed golfers on the golf swing less choice of equipment and on top of it left hand golfers are using their left side for their trail arm shoulder hip which really let them have a dynamic inside pass to the golf ball as right hand golfers are faced with using our left hand left arm and left side stayed across the golf ball at least that is the modern teaching so that’s why most right hand golfer struggle with coming across the ball

_F4cts says:

I am a left handed and I’m 12 but I’m decent can you give me a lesson

Logan miltner says:

dude get closer to the ball

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