Hit Your Driver Dead Straight Consistently!

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There are 3 ‘must haves' to hit your driver straight consistently. No matter what style of swing you use, these 3 truths must be present in your golf swing for uncanny accuracy.

A big thank you to Golf Development Complex in Moorpark, Ca.

I use the Mike Austin swing method to hit the ball long and straight. I've compiled a step-by-step video course that shows you how to develop this great golf swing:

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keith irvine says:

How can you have a 'smash factor' of 1.51 when the maximum is 1.50? Calibration out of sync??

Lonnie Land says:

How would I “apply torque to close the face “ I think I’m missing that understanding. I’m a beginner and slicing significantly.

Simon Leach says:

You've shown us the correct mechanics but not how to achieve it. e.g. flattening the swing at transition brings it more in to out. How to keep the face square – different players do this at different times – you hinted at this.

Choco says:

how to create torque ?

Gorden Scottfan says:

In slow motion it is very clear you are not holding the angle "the lag" as we see so many teach. Hold the lag as long as you can and slice it 100 yards or more….

Stuart P says:

Good stuff.. what's the gadget you got there?

Swing Searcher says:

Great shots and explanation.

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