How far can I hit the TaylorMade M5 Driver in MONSTER MODE!?

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How far can I hit the M5 Driver in MONSTER MODE!?
PGA GOLF PRO Rick Shiels tests the new TAYLORMADE M5 Driver in the most extreme low lofted & low spin setting which Rick has named MONSTER MODE! See how far Rick can hit the TAYLORMADE M5 Driver in MONSTER MODE!?

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Markus Priebe Jakobsson says:

Review under the radar budget clubs like Acer. Only read reviews from buyers, mostly positive. Would be interesting to see what you think of clubs like that.

freshdirty27 says:

If you say however, again I’m going to choke myself with my 3 iron..

jgrove111 says:

Everyone is gonna monster their driver on the range…

Mike Cote says:

I would just like to point out that you hit the Ping G LS Tec driver 339 on your first swing 🙂

David Howke says:

Hey Rick you should do that with all the drivers bet the Callaway would go over 340 for you

Boon Kiu Yip says:

why is the smash factor so low?

David Levinson says:

Challenge: open the screws on the face, pull out the resin, making the club illegal. How far will it go? Come on! DO IT!! Who's with me on this challenge? DO IT!!!

Alistair Hume says:

Hi Rick. Love the vids. Silly queston for you.
The cobra f9 had excellent ball speed 161ish etc. This video and previous taylormade m3/4 vids had ball speed numbers in the 168 range.
I am confused. Not cross. Just wondering if the data came from different launch monitors…?
I have an m2 and a me. But your F9 vid has me pumped to go hit it.

Why the change in scale data wise?
Cant wait to hit the F9. You made it seem like something special.
Bravo. Keep up the 100% Brill work and congrats on all your success.

Keep'em coming.

Halo Movie Music says:

I have a 2017 M1 and put both adjustments up front near the heel and have the loft set at 7.5 and I had two drives today around 340 on par 4's right in front of the green. Grip it and Rip it!!! ?

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