How To Coil In Golf Backswing ➜ Make A Power Turn

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How To Coil In Golf Backswing ➜ Make A Power Turn

In this video I show you how to coil in golf backswing resulting in a more powerful backswing generating more distance. This important move is used by top touring professionals around the world and a real key to playing better golf. Getting coil in golf backswing is a must if you want to launch longer drives and play to a higher level. All golfers regardless of current handicap or skill level can easily learn how to get coil in golf and reach their full potential.

Discover how easy it is to create coil in the golf swing even if you're a senior golfer or have flexibility issues. Simple and easy to understand and implement in your game with fast results on the golf course. Enjoy the feeling of making a fuller, more powerful golf backswing leading to lower golf scores and more enjoyment on the golf course.

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Travis Craven says:

Thought the instruction was good. Something that could help the content in the future is pick up something like a mevo with you hitting into a net. It would be helpful to see the difference how far the ball goes when you compare the two techniques you mentioned.

John Koval says:

The differential in rotation between the hip and shoulders always made sense to me, but until now I never realized that too much hip rotation can actually reduce coil and power. A lot of good points in this video.

allen burdett says:

this is so important and explains to me some of my loss of power. thanks!

Fore to Four Golf says:

more turn, more power without more effort. love it!

Mitch Rankin says:

Great video – thanks for the tips!

Symphony Kitchens says:

Thanks for sharing! Amazing video!

Alan Lo says:

Hi there following your post for a while but never saw you hitting a ball or vlog on real golf course. Hope to see soon.

Girls With Da Curls says:

This is great!! Thanks for sharing such great content!

Hitting It Solid Golf says:

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