Think About The Handle For Better Golf Swings

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Think About The Handle For Better Golf Swings with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks about controlling your golf swing by thinking about the handle of the golf club. This is a golf tip, drill that could help lots of golfers who want to improve their golf swings from driver to irons. Play your best golf with Mark's golf app and simple and easy to follow golf videos.

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Thomas Fraser says:

Is their such a thing as an in to in swing path in golf? Have you ever done s vid on it?

Rj Beck says:

Isn’t that kids swing the “malaska” move

Thomas Fraser says:

Say a ? and you might just have a good chance at the golf swing. One Hundred percent correct!. And one must always have the handle to point down in order for the club head to travel up. The only time the handle is pointing up is at the precise point of contact to the ball and at the very end of a completed swing . Thank you very much.

JB says:

pulling the handle down in the forward swing will kill every swing…..I suggest you try exacting what he recommends not doing. Mike Malaska explains this alot better.

e james says:

this guy needs to get the lie adjusted about 4 degrees upright on his irons.

Tony Atkinson says:

Hi Mark been looking through your back catalogue to find a fix never seen this one so I will give it a go at the range to see if I can get my face closed to the swing path praying I can….

David Hall says:

Ahhhhh the missing piece from my swing, great mental thought Mark.

Cho co says:

Hopefully hopefully hopefully still a guessing game instruction makes you guess instruction should make you know

carlogolfitaly says:

This drill improve  my swing a lot!
thanks Mark

9tube1 says:

Great drill Mark! Can't wait to hit the range tomorrow to try it out.

whogg0521 says:

That's a great drill.  I do it with just my hands, but I like the idea of doing it with a club.  Been struggling lately with tempo and getting "handsy".

Steve Evans says:

Fascinating and original approach. It reminds me of jour video about crossing the line.

Jonathan W Golf says:

Excellent drill. Thanks for sharing.

DanTuber says:

good instruction as always.

Eric D says:

What a cool drill, can't wait to get my son to the range to try this one out (and could probably use it myself if I'm honest about my eternally steep downswing)

2012lel2012 says:

Which GPS watch are you using?

David Eaton says:

Thanks Mark this is also helpful for putting practice

brown55061 says:

Mark, I tried digging through your archives for advice but came up empty handed. Can you give us your take on the flying elbow and pros/cons versus the angle of the right forearm at the top? Everyone says not to do it, yet Jack did and was the best pro in his era. Is this a function over looks thing as well?

Garth Garthly says:

Coach Lockey now has 1 more subscriber, waiting for them videos.

Elliot Davies says:

that seems to make perfect sense, i can see this making a big difference to my game

straight True says:

It didn't blow my head off, however it nearly took the cats head off !
Hmmm, I think I was holding the 'prayer' grip a little too lightly.
Coach Lockey has over 2,000 subscribers without posting a single video ?
Surely that is a youtube record ! #lockeymagic  

Peter Bruun-Larsen says:

what irons are you using??????

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