How To Have an Effortless Golf Swing | Are Your Grips Worn? Nooo!

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How would you like to get an effortless golf swing?! How do we let the club do the work? For those looking to get more speed, this video on How To Have an Effortless Golf Swing | Are Your Grips Worn? Nooo!, is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. If you’re looking to add distance, we’ll cover a new method of club rotation, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Gabriel Lopez says:

Great easy and direct to the point video – Keep the good work!

Kevin Morris says:

Why aren't you a PGA Member?

craig cassells says:

Yet another great video with easy to understand terminology Moment of force 👍

Lt. Weinberg says:

So if I go to your "move" section I can stop sucking at shallowing the plane?

Eklypised says:

I hit my driver and 3 wood the same distance off the tee….any idea why that is?

socialnetwerck_golf says:

"It's called the moment of force. We won't get in to any of that today." I know deep down you wanted to talk about the science of it all. 😉 Keep up the good work, loving the videos, making a difference for me.

Mohd Sahrum Ishak says:

A+++ Instructor/tutor. KISS – He Keep It Simple and Short. Genuine instructor/tutor. The BEST.

Jon B says:

Clay- can you get more speed by firing the right arm before impact? I feel like in my swing I pull with my left side to clear hips, create lag, get my right arm through, and then I fire the right arm towards the ball and through.

K4rN1v00L says:

why do I always fat it when I try to hold forward shaft lean

FightNGear Holsters says:

Clay, I have commented before and wont keep on.  But, you are a great instructor and easy to understand.  You also seem like a genuine good guy.  I wish you well in life and much success.  Thanks for the help.

Craig Wollman says:

One more things…Sometimes we just don't get what others are saying until it clicks in our heads or until we come up with some way of explaining it to ourselves. We tend to think of strength coming from tension. How do you lift a barbell without the muscles tensing first? I used to (and still sometimes do) have a lot of tension in my wrists in an attempt to get more distance. It wasn't necessarily a choice, it was just part of my swing. Then when I started thinking about lag, if realized that there's NO WAY to get more lag if the wrists are tense in an attempt to create speed.

That tension has the exact opposite affect on wrist hinge. It's tough to understand that relaxation in the wrists will create more speed and power but once you recognize that (and once what every teacher says about that sinks in) it's much easier to create more lag and more power.

My analogy is nunchucks. There is almost no resistance between the hinging of the two sticks and the amount of speed the outside stick gets from a slower swinging of the inside stick (the one that's held in the hand) is huge. That's just physics (centrifugal force). If we see our wrists as the chain that connects the two sticks, the forearm as the stick that's held and our hand (and club) as the outside stick in a set of nunchucks, it makes perfect sense that we should relax our wrists to gain more clubhead speed. If you were to connect those two sticks with something less flexible than a chain, the outside stick would have much less speed and would be much less effective given the same amount of force applied to the inside stick.

Craig Wollman says:

One of the things I notice about many or even most golf tips is that being able to execute them requires a lot of flexibility. One example is the spine angle. Trying to keep the spine angle through and past impact requires a lot of lower back flexibility to avoid discomfort.

I feel as though the flexibility exercises online don't address some of the areas of the body that require more flexibility to execute an effective swing. Now, add to that that I"m 57…albeit in good shape for 57, but I feel as though my stretching routine is basically slowing down the loss of flexibility rather than actually adding flexibility.

One significant area is being able to keep the left arm straight and still get a good shoulder turn. I realize that some say the left arm doesn't need to stay straight, necessarily, but even without a straight left arm, I find it difficult to get a 90 degree or greater shoulder turn.

One other thing, I haven't taken that many lessons in my life but I have found that things like dropping the club into the slot or whatever it's called has NEVER been brought up in any lesson I've ever taken. I'm a 7 and have a decent swing but there are things I can do that you mention but don't really have a good routine to groove those things, nor do I even know if I'm executing those changes correctly.

That aside, Clay, I love your videos.

nahshon cline says:

Another great video Clay. You have such smooth delivery when you present information in your videos. I am always excited to watch your videos. You really give me great stuff to think about to improve my golf swing. One day I'm going to get to Florida and get a lesson. Until then, thanks for putting out the content you do.

Chuck McGourty says:

Can this shallowing of the swing plane and bowing of the wrist be used with the driver as well ? It seems to cause a snap hook when I attempt it with the driver.

Kyle Thibeault says:

How do I shallow the golf club? Do you have a video on that?

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