How To Hit A Draw Golf Lesson

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VapourRubz says:

Many thanks for this one Mark. On my list of things to do for 2014 has been
trying to work out how to hit a draw and this little routine of yours
worked out brilliantly. Just got back from the range and managed to hit a
decent looking draw for the very first time. Cheers :-))

Paul Williamson says:

thought id lost you mark,, quality coach and humble… just subbed

Benjamin Creed says:

Start of the season I started hitting a small left to right….or so I
thought! It started going from one side of the fairway to the next fair way
over! But your video just fixed it with 4 practice balls and two junk balls
with the help of a tree in my backyard. Really appreciate it! Keep up the
great work! 

sgreenfly says:

Hi mark, this seems to be totally different to what a lot of people are
saying after using trackman , Sean foley does a video were the hands are
pushed forward and the club face remains open throughout the swing ? All
seems really confusing tbh ?

The 19th Hole at GotGolfGifts says:

I like to set some goals before going to the golf range. Getting rid of the
slice is still a work in progress. But, here is a decent lesson to learn
how to hit a draw. 

Josh Nossek says:

Cheers Mark, I will look forward to trying that out in the range. Was
wondering about buying a new fairway wood, but struggling on which brand
and model. Please reply

Dalton G says:

Be careful though, too much draw results in a hook

Matthias Eisterer says:

Always remember clubfacedirection makes no sence without refering to the
target and path. As some have said, the old “aim the clubface at the target
an swing right” is actually not true. You have to aim your clubface right
of the target and swing even further right, otherwise the ball will cross
the target line. And you never wanna cross the target line with your draw
or fade.

Bon Sihom says:

Mark, love your techniques in teaching golf. I’ll give this draw swing a
try at the range.

John Rambo says:

I think the way for a person to build up confidence who normally slices or
fade is to just hit a hook. Even a snap hook. Get the hands turned over and
hook. Hook every shot at the range then slowly throttle back to a draw. For
a person who has never hit a draw or fade before, it’s really exciting to
see the ball go the other way for once. Even if it’s a snap hook. That will
show them that they CAN get the ball to go the other way.

Peter D says:

I simply align to where I want the ball to *commence* its path, but have
the club-face pointed at address at the target, take a normal swing. Rarely
fails. It’s what Nicklaus recommends, I’ve a feeling that’s what Mark is
saying *except* for changing your swing, which seems to me like casting the
hands. Love the vids BTW.

Brad McKenzie says:

coondonhuner123456, you make a mostly correct observation. Notice at the
top of this video he actually has replied to a couple of comments, but you
are right, he does not reply to most. Remember that Mark is a professional
teacher who gets paid to provide golf lessons, so he has no obligation to
give free advice on YouTube. At the same time, if you follow him, he quite
often creates follow up videos to respond to common questions.

MaJo DiuLi says:

please make a video to hit a fade

poophead69able says:

Whenever I try this i either shank it or hook it really badly….

Mark Crossfield says:

Remember to wstch my Q&A channel that is committed to answering coments
from YouTube twitter and Facebook.

Mark Crossfield says:

thanks for the great comments guys, you are both right. Modern club face
club path rules state the ball starts where the club face is pointing. at
1:26 I say get your club face to contradict the club path, and the club
face needs to point left of where the cub path is traveling. at 2:30 i say,
” the club face needs to point left of the club path line. I do not refer
to club to target line I always try to refer to club to club path line.
Like you are both correctly saying. Great comment guys.

Odyssey41T says:

You dont really want the club faced turned closed. This will just start the
ball left. As with a driver you can still slice with a straight club face
if your path on the downswing is coming out to in which some people don’t
realize. With the draw your really flattening out your swing angle so you
can subtly work your swing from in to out and eventually coming back across
with your right arm finishing over your left.

JoScoNathan says:

Nice, I’m gonna try this. Thx.

jhaley12 says:

i managed to stop the flight of the second ball you hit and it was directly
over the bucket. When I hit a draw I just aim the clubface square to the
target but swing more inside out which in effect closes the clubface. I
suppose it’s all the same principle though. I love you videos Mark best on
here, how about shanking from the inside, any info? thanks

pixedOff says:

Sorry Mark but i think this is not correct: the initial direction of the
ball is dictated by the angle of the clubface. So basically a ball start
right when the clubface at impact is pointing right (to the target). The
relation between clubpath and clubface gives sidespin, curvature to the
ball. So your clubface needs to be CLOSED to the clubpath to curve the ball
from right to left. Trying to close the clubface like you said will cause
probably a pull-hook than a draw.

Sam Winstanley says:

Hi Mark, seems like a good drill, surprised you didn’t mention ball
position. For me to get a reliable draw I move the ball somewhat back in my
stance, and I turn my both my feet so they point somewhat more to the
target, thereby encouraging the club face to square a little earlier. Net
effect of both of these is a draw hit with a somewhat lower flight than

MacClellandMan says:

Mark, you do say at 2:33 to aim the clubface at the target and also to aim
your feet at the target. I’ll add, assuming a right-handed golfer with a
true swing, to the extent the aim line of the feet is “right of parallel”
to the target and the clubface is aimed at the target, the greater the
draw. The fade is created by the aim line of the feet left of target with
the clubface squared to the target.

Jason Higgins says:

You are a moron.

coondoghunter123456 says:

My only problem with you mark is that I havnt ever seen you comment back on
any of your comments on your videos. I understand a lot of the comments
your videos receive are bullcrap and maybe I’ve missed a comment from
you… But some comments look for clarification and I’ve not yet seen your
comments trying to help them. You do a very good job on your videos but a
little clarification every now and then would b nice. If you’re going to
post educational videos tho I think you should take the tim

J Dawg says:

cant u just grip the club with the face close before the backswing so yoiu
dont have to worry about closing it during the downswing?

David Hansen says:

great instruction.

pixedOff says:

@4golfonline I raised my objection based on what you say at 1:11 ” start
the ball to the right by swinging inside out” but i agree with you at 1:26
and 2:30. i thing the topic “How to hit a draw/fade” should be approached
from two side: what “mechanically” creates a draw (clubface open to the
target, closed to the swingpath) and what’s the “feeling” about (swing to
the right and close the clubface with hands). But this is just my opinion.
Thanks Mark or sharing all these information with us!

Ltheboss21 says:

can you do putting for your next video

Minwoo Kwak says:

For your next video can you talk about putting. I’m having trouble with it,
any tips?

theMANxGOLFER says:

@cockywatchman1976 There are a lot of feel golfers out there that can
tighten there grip and face their top hand just right of the starting
target line to produce a high fade. Conversely, the same players can begin
to roll their hands with a looser grip to produce a slight draw. Try
practicing this on the range with 3/4 swings. I think you’ll surprise

Meindert Jan Boekel says:

@4golfonline Well, you should refer to target line as well, since golfers
are trying to hit that target .. you should also be more precise in how
much on face angel and path one will need for the required shot I think …
just closing the face to the path will make it go left, hitting it from the
inside will NOT start it right (enough) !!!

Mark Crossfield says:

@pixedOff hanks for the great comments guys, you are both right. Modern
club face club path rules state the ball starts where the club face is
pointing. at 1:26 I say get your club face to contradict the club path, and
the club face needs to point left of where the cub path is traveling. at
2:30 i say, ” the club face needs to point left of the club path line. I do
not refer to club to target line I always try to refer to club to club path
line. Like you are both correctly saying.

Barney Rubble says:

Hi Mark, but I think that the timing to close the club face is too
fragile….I’ve had alot of success to draw the ball by simply aiming my
feet (shoulders) to the right of my target…while holding the club with a
closed face pointing to my desired targert. Works well for me. Just

Chris Doughty says:

Hey Mark! Great vid as per usual. I’m just getting back into golf and your
vids are top notch for everything from products to technique. Keep it up
buddy! P.S. Did you have a bad day???… “lets get stuck in” trademark
comment 😉


Will this drill work with your driver?

cashmab says:

This video really helped me. I watched it last night then went to the range
today during my lunch break and completely figured out how to hit a nice
little draw every shot after a dozen or so tries. I was surprised at how
consistent I got with such little time, and draws added quite a bit of
length to all my shots. Thanks for the lesson!

Andrea Vintani says:

Great video Mark! Can you do one on Fade as well?

wen ken says:

i think what mark did is what u said @pixedOff. pointing the clubface left
while his swing path is more towards the right. its not possible to
pull/hook if your club path is going inside out.

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