How to Hit the Ball Further in Golf with an EASY GOLF SWING – These GOLF TIPS Just Work!

Learn how to hit the ball further in golf with an easy golf swing. You and I aren't Bryson De Chambeau so lets focus on what things we can do to sneak a few extra yards out of every club in our bag without breaking our bodies.

To do so is easier than you might think and in this weeks video I share 3 surprisingly simple golf tips that any golfer can use to hit the ball further in golf.

I know that you and I are likely to be different ages with different levels of flexibility so I've constructed the video so that if you put tip 1 into action you should gain some extra yards immediately.

Golf Tip 2 is also pretty simple but requires a little bit more mobility. If you have it you can apply this one to amplify your distance even further.

Golf Tip 3 will require some fire in your legs and if you are up for it and are ready for some explosive power this tip is a cracker.

I don't expect you to apply them all at once, in fact I wouldn't recommend it. What I want you to do is gain some yardage with tip one first. Once you've done that begin applying the next two.

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Thanks for stopping by. I created this website as a resource just for you to support you on your golfing journey as I know how tricky learning this game can be…to say the least!

I personally found learning the game too long and difficult in the early days. I read all the books, watched all the videos but my game was not improving. Then after studying various forms of neuro science, motor learning, psychology and personal development in less than two years I went from struggling golfer to the final stage of the Open Championship.

On YouTube and my personal website ( I will bring you the most up to date training, training that is getting tangible results for my clients right now. I don’t know where you are in your golfing journey, you could be just starting out or maybe your body isn’t as flexible as it once was or you’ve got ambitions to slash your handicap. Wherever you are I’ve created a place here you can learn, share your ideas, ask questions and get all the support you need to enjoy this great game.

Be prepared though. If its a quick fix you are after Im not your man. Here I will give you step-by-step advice that you can take straight to the practice ground and apply to the course but it will require you to get stuck in, screw up…a lot, practice some more and then watch those scores tumble

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching thousands of students all around the world and if you are up for the challenge and are ready to get in the game…LETS GO TO WORK!


This golf lesson provides a couple of wonderful drills to help you strike a ball with an iron. If you are looking for how to hit a ball straight with an iron, or want to know how to hit the ball first with irons then these golf drills will give you much better golf ball contact so that you can strike your irons pure.

I believe they are the easiest and best golf irons drills you can use

Also get to see the golf ball contact in slow motion

22 thoughts on “How to Hit the Ball Further in Golf with an EASY GOLF SWING – These GOLF TIPS Just Work!

  1. Gives the driver a tap and hits it 270!!! OMFG

    I have spent thousands on golf lessons and I'm just up to 200 on a one in million good day

  2. I don't get the big obsession with distance nowadays. I'm content hitting my shots on target, effortlessly and being consistent with my distances.

    I have no intention or illusions of turning pro, or competing at the sport, all I want to do is have a leasurely stroll around the course with my dad & brother or my work friends without getting frustrated because I've tried to crush it and landed in the trees or in a pond.

  3. Thank you for this great tutorial Danny. Progressive, easy to understand and delivered with infectious enthusiasm. Everything we need and more.

  4. The physics of hitting a golf ball is similar to generating power in punches in boxing. I can hit a bag harder than anyone I know, but when it comes to translating that power to a golf ball, I can hit the ball about as far as I can throw a punch…

  5. Good tips, I’m 14 years old and I’m going to play high school golf next year and my driver usually went about 230 or 235. I carried my first ball 247 after watching this!

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