How to Improve Tempo in the Swing – Same Speed Backswing

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Another tempo video, this time talking about what we need to do to prep us for a good downswing!!! Many players who struggle with their consistency have backswings that change speed somewhere during the backswing, so in this video, we talk about making a same speed backswing, and how we can translate that into better tempo in our golf swing!!!

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8 thoughts on “How to Improve Tempo in the Swing – Same Speed Backswing

  1. This is for sure the best tip video for me. The problem is that my body feels as if it can only generate power in the downswing if i speed up the second part of the backswing. I know that isn't true, but its so hard to make the body get used to it: my body feels that it can only generate power if the top of the backswing works like a "slingshot/bb gun" that needs to be very tense before I let it go in the downswing. Could you make a video helping with that? Thanks for your great work

  2. Great lesson. To my eye, the best swings almost always look very simple. You almost wonder where the power comes from. Some of your lessons deal with some pretty subtle and complex ideas that are best learned under the direction of a teacher but this is something that I can work on myself. Thank you very much.

  3. Hi Larry. Thank you for this video. I’m guilty of speeding up towards the top and getting narrow and flippy with the wrist. I going to do your slow even paced backswing drill. Thank you. ?

  4. As ever Larry many thanks for an interesting Lesson. Just a quick question, "should the Backswing & the Downswing be at the same speed/tempo, or should the Downswing be quicker with an acceleration at halfway down"?

  5. Larry do you offer online lessons? Would love to get some insight from you on things to work on. Have gotten my hdcp down from 8 to 3.7 but can’t seem to break through to that next level. Seems like when I’m hitting the ball solidly, my chipping goes. Can’t seem to put everything together.

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