How to Practice Golf Like Tiger Woods

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Almost no amateur golfer practices in a way that leads to positive results. This is supported by the simple notion that handicaps have essentially never gone down in any meaningful way, even though equipment and course conditions are magnitudes better than they have been in the past.

The ways the best golfers in the world practice golf is VERY different than how amateur golfers practice.

Today, I share with you a story of how Tiger Woods practices golf to make changes to his golf swing.

Here's a little secret, you're not going to “dig it out of the dirt” like Ben Hogan. You know this already, because you've been trying to do it for what, 20, 30 years now?

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MartialGolf says:

Love the Tiger story. If it’s good enough for TW, it’s good enough for me! Another great video from RST.

sabr686 says:

Yes and amen. Could not agree more. Improvement necessitates change. Change will bring some failures and some successes. Failure is how the brain learns fastest. Therefore, the fastest way to learn positive, productive changes is to embrace failure. It is not a negative. It is logical. Thanks for reinforcing this mentality.

Matthew Stensrud says:

Quick question about clubs: I have been using flat lie angles (2-3 flat) due to more pivot driven swing. I want to change over to RST swing and want to know what you recommend for length/lie angle for 5ft 9in height with 34 inch wrist to floor measurement. I don't want the clubs to keep me from getting the mechanics down since the body will adapt to the tool being used when the ball is being hit. General idea is great. Thanks for the great content!

Erich Leopold Golf says:

this is very true, I have worked with a clothes hanger and stick drill on my arms to prevent me from rolling my wrists and it finally worked after doing it for so long

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