How to putt correctly

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When you move the putter straight down the target line with the face ~1º open, there is no flip, hit, slap, flick or twitch in the hands or putter face, so the distance becomes much more consistent. You're just pushing the ball toward the hole, not hitting it, so the ball rolls true and smoothly.

Think more about the hands and the path of the hands than the putter face. The direction the hands are facing when you address the ball is the same direction they should be facing when you finish the stroke. By attempting to keep the clubface ~1º open this will happen unconsciously.

Why is it when you just walk up and tap in a short putt you always make it but when you really grind over that same putt you often miss? Because when you don't think about it, and you don't attempt to square the putter face you allow for the putter's rotation and you strike the ball with the face just slightly open – yet the ball rolls straight. Your brain and body know what to do if you'll only let it. When we over think things we get them wrong. Think about that hail Mary putt you drained from 40′ that you didn't even think about … your brain and body performed perfectly without secondary guessing.

Practice putting this way and distance control becomes second nature. All you have to think about is the line. Also, practice hitting one ball into another over and over again quickly without thinking about it. This trains your brain to actually hit the ball where you think you are. Hit it hard enough to drive the second ball 4 or 5′ from where they hit. This can be done in the house or on the putting green. Make direction second nature, make distance second nature and all you have to think about is the read. That's how you become a great putter and it's not nearly as hard as you think.

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FloridaGator1131 says:

Question 1: When I do this I feel like every time I’m hitting off the toe, should I align more towards the heel? When I do this it feels like I’m hitting from the center… just wanted clarification.
Question 2: Do tour players do this same thing?

Logan Par says:

Best remedy is one handed putts

firstsergeantallen says:

Brilliant video!

Jerry Ranson says:

What releases the putter? Is it the left shoulder stopping?

Robert Ahrens says:

If the putter face is 1 degree open how can the ball go straight? Makes no sense.

Jahir Rivas says:

I’m guessing this goes for all the clubs

Furyy Night says:

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Lazar Kostic says:

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michael broderick says:

I just tried this indoors at home on a carpet from varied distances of 4 to 15 feet. It's amazing I only missed a couple out of 100 putts. I've never done that before. What a great tip and illustration.

Tom Reese says:

I have watched a zillion videos about putting and this is by far the best!!!!  I have struggled with pulling my putts for ages and this tip has fixed that problem!!!  Thanks so much for your tip!!!

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