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INCREASE YOUR BALL SPEED WITH THESE 2 GOLF SWING DRILLS – In the 2nd Episode of the Share Your Swing series with 18 Birdies we provide you with 2 golf swing drills that will improve both your club face angle and your posture! These golf swing drills, are guaranteed to make you hit the ball further and straighter!


COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you'd like to see next!

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Meandmygolf says:

What part of there golf swing do you need help with? Comment below.👇

Steve Bigelow says:

Like the drill for the footwork and grabbing the club in the middle for position. My problem is ball speed. One system says at 83.1I have 124.9 ball speed 198 carry 225 total, another shows 90 mph with 119 ball speed 173 carry, 177 total

Tomeka Pompey says:

I've found awesome plans on woodprix . just check them out.

JAY EH gaming says:

Ever think of using a shot tracer so we can see the ball flight as well ????

razors edge7 says:

I feel like I tend to get on my toes a bit myself, but really only on my irons. My 3 wood is far and away my best and most consistent club in my bag. Just wish my irons were as good lol. How would I go about getting a swing analysis myself?

John Stoneman says:

Looking forward to tying that one, worked a lot with a new driver following lots of your tips and its feeling more comfortable and confident with it. Getting maybe 200yrds carry but would like to be able to get more without losing the control. Out of curiosity, how much distance comes from the quality of the club v the player/swing? I'm assuming most from the player, but at what point should I be considering newer/better clubs?

Mordicad says:

Andy looking like Luke Skywalker with that glove..

Facundo Pramparo says:

Just in time! Two mistakes I'm working on to fix them….


I needed this.

Sudip Shrestha says:

Hi Piers n Andy, I have a tendency to straighten up during downswing that's causing me to miss or top the ball… any drills to help with that? Thanks.

Golflre says:

Nice guys. The flat wrist issue resonates with me.

Brian Rizza says:

Great drills will start doing them

djjazzyjeff123 says:

Whenever you guys are giving golf tips from that hole it just feels like home. I'd love to play it some day.

Harrywr says:

Christ alive. How many players and therefore videos start with wrist angles controlling club face?! Surely 50% of golf instructional videos now.

Kyle Pugh says:

I’m playing in the USA at the end of the year. How much does the weather affect the distance of the golf ball over in the USA compared to here in the uk? Would love to know.

Alan Smith says:

I like the look of this drill. I always lose my balance by having to shuffle my right foot forward after my swing and I thinks it’s through a poor tip I received years ago of needing to be on the balls of my feet throughout the swing.

L Follzz says:

isnt there a swing drill with a tennis racket where it shows you if your glove hand is in a good position throughout the entire swing? would love to see you guys explain that in a video

Michael Bowen says:

I’m about to go outside and do these

Ice Visuals says:

Watch out rory here I come

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