Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

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How would you like to drive farther in golf? How do we up our club speed? For those looking to max out their drives, woods, or long irons, this video on Increase Your Golf Swing Speed is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. In this video we'll cover how the upper body creates swing speed, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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11 thoughts on “Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

  1. I never thought I'd be able to slice the ball even farther to the right than normal – but thanks to this video I am able to really hit people and do some damage three and four fairways over with ease!

  2. Love your videos Clay, but if I see one more instructor sitting or kneeling or standing on one leg to show how the lower body doesn't produce much power I'm gonna scream. You've said it yourself power comes from the ground up. You use the ground for leverage and you are doing that from a chair just as you do standing. Let's see this demonstration while you are floating in water or standing on a patch of ice. Bet you wouldn't hit a driver 100 yards.

  3. it's like you can read my mind… I was just thinking about this the last time I was at the range…. I'm 6'0", 245, fairly athletic, but I don't get the distance I think I deserve… Thanks Clay!

  4. To see, that Clay is bombing that Ball 270 yards, while he sitting in a chair, shows me, that I have no clue from this Game… 😀 BTW Good Shot and nice Video. Best Regards from Germany

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