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Rickie Fowler and Butch Harmon show you how to fix that drive slice.

Well, you've been bombing this driver lately.
Let's see you hit a couple.
You got it, Butch.
What in the world was that?
Man, I'm outta here.
Well, we all know you don't hit drives like that
with a big slice, but in reality, when you're at home,
at the club, and you see guys on the range,
or when I'm here at the golf school,
most the people we see hit a weak slice.
Let's talk a little bit about why they hit slices
and what causes it.
I think a lot of it starts from the setup
and from the way they take the club away.
I mean, talk about amateurs, I mean definitely
have a big gap in their game.
It's consistency off-the-tee, proper setup, takeaway,
just allowing themselves to make a good swing.
One of the first things that you and I did
when I went to work with you a couple years ago
was to change your posture a little,
'cause you had your head buried down in here,
you couldn't make a full turn,
so let's see ya set up to one in a good athletic position.
Remember, golf swing is an athletic move.
You gotta be ready to respond.
The setup is the key and being a consistent driving
the golf ball, hitting a lot of fairways,
so we'll see if we can clean that up a bit.
If you can see the lines are square here.
See his chin's up off his chest.
You get good posture.
Now, from here, see this move that Ricky made right here?
This is one of the biggest changes that we made
in your golf swing a couple years ago.
You used to take the club outside your hands going back,
and I see that a lot in the average player.
So we had you go there.
You've actually incorporated that
into your waggle on every shot.
Yeah, just give myself a feeling of where I wanna go.
The first movement off the ball is so crucial,
making sure that at times, we talked about being deliberate,
making sure it's the right tempo.
You get to quick off the ball,
and that throws off the whole swing.
Boy, I'll tell you what.
Tempo's so important 'cause the high handicaps
you and I see, they swing as hard as they can
just in case they hit it.
They have no tempo.
Alright, let's go up to the top of the swing and stop,
and I'll show everybody what causes the slice.
Okay, you're in a good position here.
When you make a good swing, your weight transfers,
your hands and arms just drop to this position.
With a high handicapper with a slicer,
they start with all their motion over the top.
Club comes down too steep and wipes across,
and they've got no chance.
It's gonna look like a wounded flamingo
coming in for a landing to the right.
It has no power in it at all.
Yeah, the big thing, having the lower body.
That has to really drive and get everything going
to create that power and get in the right position.
A good thought for the average guy
is when you feel like you transfer your weight,
let that right shoulder stay back a little
and just feel like you're hitting the inside
of that golf ball and swinging it out to the right.
Remember, to get out of hitting the ball to the right,
you have to swing to the right.
What do you think you've picked up
in the past year-and-a-half?
About , yards on your drive, maybe?
Yeah, easy yards.
That's nice, how come you didn't
Straight and yards. give me yards?
Nah, you're passing it on to me.
Okay, that's good.
Let's see you bomb one, here.
Show 'em how it's supposed to look.
Oh yeah, yeah, that looked like one of those drives
you powered down at the TPC when you won this year.
Those ones worked out just fine.
Let's just keep doing that.
You got it, Butch.
Hey, dude, no more slices for you.
You got that right.
Hey, cheers my man. Cheers.
Uh, really?

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Rickie Fowler on How To Fix Your Drive Slice | Golf Lessons | Golf Digest


GT FORD 427 says:

This guy is every where is this guy a god he hasn't won a major and is on more then any golfer ive evee seen

Phatt Daddy says:

I'll have a slice, a slice of CAKE! make it Chocolate please.

damiansonofsantana says:

I love these even though I’m a few years too late ?

Jeffrey Abboud says:

this was a crappy video.

Corek BleedingHollow says:

Odd they never mentioned a key factor is the grip. If you're swing plane is good, strengthen the grip with your left hand enough so the club won't open too much.

InfraRedNeck says:

Golfers can't do comedy. Concentrate on the lesson.

Laura Mulholland says:

Americans can't just provide information, it has to be clouded by fillers and 'comical' scenarios

Jonathan Poto says:

Why is his swing arc so flat?

CTCS says:

I'm no pro but I'm a certified instructor. I used to struggle with this in my 20's. The simple fix for a weekend hacker? Focus on keeping your elbow straight, and don't 'kill it.' This isn't baseball. Mechanics will send the ball farther than your muscles in this game. Control. Don't rush your back swing, just let it flow. Good luck!

Ryan Crow says:

Anybody know where I can get that shirt?!

The Big Boss Man says:

Just teach and leave the "comedy" to someone else.


Great in & out swing with the good alignment. Lower body to support the head weight.

Mr. Bob Gray says:

Gotta love Richard.

John Camping Golf says:

A wounded flamingo

Darren Alexander says:

Great video! 🙂

TrevorK says:

Butch Harmon is gross

Tae Lim says:

Like this kid. Come on get that US Open.

Derek Johnson says:

why is it so bad to take it back ricky he "use to?" thats how tiger would take it back in 97 and he's reverted back this year and is playing amazing again. Butch harmon, you are ruining peoples swings and backs. run ricky before you get injured.

Mark_ TheLionKing says:

Probably the most butch has ever run

David Lentine says:

Butch is the best! Great tip! Thanks!

Brian Pope says:

I wish they would have elaborated on what exactly he is focusing on in his takeaway, instead of saying, "we want it right there" and moving on.

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2018 is going to be rickys year can u say major

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best videos ever…I like Butch and Ricki

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