Incredible drill to master the downswing in golf!

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John J says:

up, up and around then up…got it. 10/10

Vim9654 Mitt says:

There is no cocking of right wrist in this move which is necessary so do not teach wrong please. Right palm has to face to the ground not to side as u r are showing during punch down.

Cory Farrell says:

DO NOT TRY THIS DRILL! I snapped my club in half on my 3rd “punch”.

Fuck you chris Ryan you owe me a club!

Christopher Paul says:

I’ve been working on this my own way for days and made no progress so thought it was going to be a long road, tried this out after finding the video this morning and within 10 minutes, watched my swing back in slow mo and it’s incredible the difference after such a short amount of practice, great great video and tip

Cooper Radley says:

This was an absolute game changer for me. I took this drill to the range last night and was completely flushing most of my irons. I have been to countless lessons over the years and never had fixed my “over the top” issue until now. This was the missing link for me, however… Stephen’s video only covers (in detail) from top of back swing down to parallel. This is only HALF of the downswing. Stephen calls the whole downswing sequence – “Up, down and around) and he focuses on the “Up and down” part only. We need the “AROUND” part detailed as well and I have found that other video – Clay Ballard’s “Why not to hit down and through”. Put these two videos together and I swear you guys will see improvements in your ball striking. Don’t be confused by Clay Ballard’s video title, it sounds like he would contradict Stephen’s video but in actual fact it fits together perfectly with Stephen’s video because Clay start his instructions FROM parallel in the downswing! I feel that me finding Clay’s video was meant to be and as soon as I started seeing the results of incorporating the information from both these videos I knew I had to share it with you guys. Good luck with your swing and your game everyone, you deserve it given the amount of effort and money we invest in golf. Let me know how you guys get on. Best Regards, Coop.

Kalyan Vavilapalli says:

This drill helps tremendously. My contact is much more pure. BTW I snapped my 7 iron in half ??

Pedro Jaquero says:

Good exercise, I did it with a four iron of a friend, the shaft broke in two pieces. If you don't break the shaft you are not doing well. I did it well

James Bond says:

this is awesome!! This has been my swing fault from when I started golfing for over 40 years!!! I could never figure out how to fix it even though I know I have been coming around with my right should at the top of the back swing to start. I could sometimes fix it but never ingrain it and when I play any amateur tournaments it usually rears its ugly head. I shall be practicing this on the driving range tomorrow!! A watershed moment in my golf development I believe…thanks so much!!! Nick in Canada!!!

555Trout says:

I had a girlfriend who did that fairly often.

Gerry Grabinski says:

Hello again…I need a little clarification on a few things: 1. You viciously move the club down. Should this vicious swing also be out on the course (Ernie Els seems (?) to swing slower)? 2. Instead of concentrating on moving my hips on the downswing I should focus only on moving the right should down, correct? 3. Once I perform your downswing, i.e., right shoulder…the movement of the club down will cause the weight to shift to the left and thus I do not need to continue to apply and force/power, correct? I thank you again for your input. Hope the weather in Dubai isn't too warm for you………….

Kevin Wing says:

Im off 14 and dont have much faith in drills or lessons after 5 years of my over the top issue. Tried this drill for 40 minutes tonight followed by swing practice and its made a great deal of difference to my swing aleady, amazing!! Might this be the holy grail of fixes!!! Thanks Irishman!!! 🙂

212southsherman says:

Thank you for this great fix for coming over the top.

Woo Kim says:

This dude is intense!

sambhu sivalenka says:

Dine= down in gaelic?

Ed Short says:

But then, how can we "shallow" the club during the downswing?

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