Golf Downswing Drill For Better Transition

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sawy78 says:

I managed to attain a 73-point shot after reading, practicing, and doing the steps evident in golf swing strategies “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it). Another achievement I`ve made is reaching 13 of 18 greens in regulation. On the other 5 holes, I got close to hitting 5-10 yards with the green. 73s isn`t a normal thing for me because I have a handicap of 9. It`s been actually a long time since I made an outstanding round.. .

Michele H says:

Thank you! Great advice & drill. I’m going to use it! It makes sense

Pete B says:

good drill, but for me, I absolutely need to hit a golf ball with the first one, even if it meant just poking the ball out there 25 yards with one arm. Only because I sequence the downswing fine without the ball in front of me, but when I do have a ball, I rush my upper body so horribly.

Gobby Brit says:

I know this is an old video, but I've been analysing my swing and noticed how I seemed to start the downswing with my arms, but couldn't see how to correct it. I will be putting this into action tomorrow! (No pun intended) hopefully it will correct my swing arc accordingly, thanks 🙂

김별이네 says:

I'm a fan of " me and my golf TV" . It is the best lecture that I have ever seen. Thank you .

Chester Micek says:

I like to add a bit here and there. If it pleases the reader, please YouTube Paige Spiranac to see what she does with her cute butt to initiate the downswing. Lots of teachers talk about giving the hips a shove at the target, but that doesn't really work. Look at Paige's tush and notice that she is shooting flank at the target, or as one pro said, shove your wallet at the target. Doing this against a firm left side insures the proper hip turn. Besides, if you look at Paige's butt, you won't feel as if it's time wasted; no, you''ll feel good even if you don't learn a thing. On the sober side, work against a wall, and turn your ass enough so that your club shaft is pointing parallel to the target line. If you're advanced enough for this move to help you, that's how you can tell if you've performed just the right amount of tush rotation.

jdsuertudo says:

Both great drills, but the latter one is my all time favourite! Thanks, guys…

Chris Parry says:

Makes good sense! I play off 2 and now feel I can get a better transition. Lots to think about but looking forward to getting onto the practice ground!

Ayub Ali Shah says:

Great stuff guys 🙂

ohakkar2 says:

But the very important thing is your headposition during the hole swing, it must be behind the ball after impact too! Look at Rory´s or Lee Westwood´s slow motion swings – their heads are almost going backwards after impact! The correct headposition is one of the most important thing in good, solid golfswing, so you must emphasize it in your coaching in all levels!

Kenny Ho says:

great tips and improved my swing alot, thanx

Bob Bell says:

Great tips as always. I just came across this. I hope to be in the UK in the not too distant future and would love to come check out your setup. Keep up the great work.

Coach VG Gunalen says:

it"s great tips and very well demonstration the movement

Arfdog says:

For Christ's sake, can you guys each get your own sets of golf clubs?

James Meakin says:

Where did you get those baselayers from

mynusss says:

Excellent advice! Cant wait to give it a go

robocop30301 says:

Hi fellas! I was introduced to your videos via Mark Crossfield's channel. Anyway, I must say that second drill is fantastic! Great tip! 

blanche herron says:

Thanks guys, I have always struggled with starting my or engaging my lower body in the downswing. I enjoy using and practicing your drills bit how many repetitions would you or should you do (50 or 100 ) each day or other day if this is a major problem in my swing sequencing?????  

pim scholten says:

holy shit this drill changes fking my life. I just came back from my pro and a trackman session and my swingpath is so much more consistent now. This drill really helped me to feel how your knees and hips  should pull down the club and start the downswing! I was always stuggeling with my transition!

Meandmygolf says:

Hi Simon. That all depends on how much you are "in to out". I would say probably very little if at all. We don't generally use those words (in to out) as it can be confusing. Think of the club being too much under or over the plane. It is so much easier this way. One thing to remember though is the club is hardly on the target line at all.

Preece97 says:

I tried today, and I found that if i got better ball flight it was compromised by the fact it went 10 degrees to the left so I'm going to try delay the upper body more tomorrow and see how that goes. But the weight shifting definitely helps!

Simon Day says:

I find I get a slice I think it may have something to do with the"down the line" discussion ??? If I'm aiming for an inside to outside swing path after the hopefully square miment of impact should the path be heading outward befire returninginward??? Am I getting confused???

Meandmygolf says:

What happens if you move the ball forward Simon?

Meandmygolf says:

Sounds like you may have over done your swing path if you are getting stuck. What is your ball flight doing?

Meandmygolf says:

Great Steve. That's what we like to hear! Keep up the craziness!

Meandmygolf says:

The 18th Hole at Astbury Hall Is a great Finishing par 3. It is named "one shot at glory". Very apt!

Meandmygolf says:

Thanks Kam.

Meandmygolf says:

Good question! Firstly, we here "down the line" mentioned quite a lot, even by commentators. This miss leads golfers as to what line are they talking about? If it is the target line then it is bad advice. One thing that golfers need to know is that the club does not travel "down the line". It is on it for a split second through impact before moving in. In our opinion "throwing" the club could lead to poor connection. However, the body motion would be very similar. Hope that makes sense?

Meandmygolf says:

Hi Isaac. Thanks. Hope all is going well. Shame we didn't get to meet up in Orlando. Will definitely happen next time we are over there!!

Meandmygolf says:

Great Aayush. Hope all is going well?

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