Lee Whittaker takes reviews the NEW PING G430 Max Hybrid at Whitsand Bay Golf Club to test it and see if the new technology is any improvement on the G425.

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22 thoughts on “ITS THE BEST HYBRID IN THE WORLD | PING G430 Hybrid Review

  1. Have 4,5&6 425 hybrid, thought I d get a 7 to complete my set, lef5 it too late as out of stock now. Might try the 430 if my 7i doesn’t improve as the 6 hybrid in the short time I have had it has been brilliant easy to hit low dispersion and accurate.

  2. I tried this vs. the 425 today. 430 was ridiculous. I actually didn't like the 425 at all. I'm really irritated that the 430 costs so much because it was the best hybrid I've ever hit.

  3. I am playing with the G 425's also. I certainly wouldn't be switching either. Not worth it. G 425 sound has never bothered me. They are powerful and very forgiving. Best hybrid I have ever played with and I have tried plenty of them. I have the series in both hybrids and woods and love them. Good review!!!!

  4. Wonderful review on course. Ping seems to have finally spent some R&D dollars to improve their overall acoustics! I play Ping 425 Woods and Hybrids and they are straight forgiving machines for me. Mid Handicap 15 that would easily give up a few yards for better dispersion ! I will probably wait till their next revision now that they are focusing on their acoustics. They have done a nice job with their new set of irons. THANKS LEE !!

  5. Have the 425 in 4-5h and 7w. The 425 hybrids I'm not sure are any better than my TS2's were but the 7w is the best club I've ever hit minus the sound.

  6. I have the g425 driver and love it (when I can hit it correctly). I lucked up and caught g430 3hybrid and I am in love. Looking to add a 2 hybrid. Forget woods for me.

  7. I’ve got G425 7 wood. Mainly use it off the tee as it’s safer than trying to hit driver. It goes a long way to the point I’ve had several people ask if it’s a 3 wood lol.

  8. hi great review…… I am trying to decide between the Ping G430 or the Stealth 2 HD in the fairway woods and hybrids….your thoughts ? would love to see you review the Stealth 2 HD….. cheers from Canada

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